So yeah, I guess I'm back. New 3DS and new friend code :)
Dual Destinies!!! <3
FIFA demo wooould come out when I don't have the internet D:
Woop, I failed at something else. Class A failure right here!
Completely messed up my assessment D:
Oodles?! Noodles?! Oodles of noodles?!
I've got hidden strengths, but they're hidden for a reason.
Wow, work really know how to make you unwanted :/
Bah, just kill me now... T-T
Baaaah, someone save me from work!!! :
What's going on with Neo? Keeps changing my profile stuff :/
Haven't played New Leaf in like almost 2 days :O
Fudgin' loving New Leaf! :3
Fallen in love with the sense of a person, mind over matter right? :/
Shitty luck :(
Wooooop!! New Leaf :3
Downloading New Leaf!! :D
Counting down time!!

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