Chobi Agua
Mar 1, 04 4:58am
Well, you signed my guestbook, and I always return the favor. So here's yours. ^^ I hope to see you around more, because you seem pretty nice from what I have seen so far. Well, have fun!


_Shinigami_ Agua
Feb 28, 04 6:49pm
Hello Agua. Well i was bored and I was just signing peoples guestbooks and I thought I might as well sign yours! ^^ Well anyways I hope ya have a good day. So talk to ya later. byes!


DarkRue_Cloud Agua
Feb 27, 04 11:36pm
I like your advitar, very unique because that Laharl is bad-azz.

Just sign my Gb back if you have a Chance and be yourself...dood.

Prince of Darkness, not Prince of the Neitherworld. Eveyone else is my Vassels...

Enjoy this Image while it last...

LRN Agua
Feb 24, 04 4:37am
Yup, I'm the insane guy who's done everything front to back in FFVII (look around in the older posts, you'll see)
Thought I'd sign your guest book, seeing as no one else has. Enjoy the magic of knowing a veteran...

Ok.... there's no magic... just enjoy the signature...