chizuki Agrias
Sep 12, 11 5:17pm
Nice to meet you! (Though you havent talked to me yet) =p im chizuki which is my jap name,danielle is my eng name! I know its been a long tym since u signed in here o.0 though i jst love having friends who like cutie yoko too:)
SmolderinCorpse Agrias
Mar 07, 09 7:55pm
hey man just sayin hello and blah blah blah etc. Hope to meet you online in Resident Evil 5 one day if you have a 360 . Also saw your contributons, nice work man loved your edits
Dramon Knight Agrias
Jul 19, 08 4:09pm
i never even signed your guestbook before...whoops.

You a good person to talk to and a nice one overall, glad to have met you.

Well, i dont have a stamp so...

See ya around!
Tidus Strife Agrias
Jul 07, 08 1:19am
SO, I saw the link in your sig and couldn't resist >_>

Err... No stamp, I don't sign guestbooks often...

I guess I'll just throw some compliments your way: You're easily one of the kindest and most creative members in the FFX forum and it's a blast reading some of your posts. Hopefully you'll stick around for awhile, can't imagine it would be the same place without you.

Don't have much more to say I guess. Drop me a PM if you ever want to talk or have any questions. I'll be happy to talk/help.

See you on the forums.
Subaru7 Agrias
Jun 16, 08 11:44pm
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook, since you listened to me & all.

I've given all the compliments I can think of. Sign mine if you feel like. Read my title next time you're on a forum.

You've got that.

Hope you like my semi-inspirational message.

o town Agrias
Nov 20, 06 3:11am
Lady jim is better than Yoko that's right forget the hp and those things jim campman.

Ps. I think i'd spelled jim's last name wrong .

Shadow Rue Agrias
Nov 19, 06 11:37pm
Whoa! Lookit this empty guestbook. This most certainly will not do. It could use a touch of RUE!

"Wow... Ramza and that wizard sure got pretty wasted."
"Remember girls. What happens on the battlefield, STAYS on the battlefield."


See ya around.
draconic_girl Agrias
Aug 27, 06 10:26am
I saw your reply in the LoD forum about fave party so I thought I'd stamp ya:D

Bloodsin Agrias
Aug 18, 06 9:12pm
Welcome to the Final Fantasy Tactics forum as well as to Neoseeker. Nice to see some new blood in the forums to enrich an already rich environment. I like you profile description. You might try Vagrant Story as well, and FF XII when it is released. All 3 titles are related.