A little bit of this..a little bit of that...and ... Nop,'s not a rikku's potion, it's me! LOL

Now the real Agrias:
Agrias is a former Knight with rank of Holy Knight. You first met her in the first battle, at Orbone Monestary. At first you can only see her use stasis sword, which inflicts damage in multiple panels, and has the chance to cause stop. However, later, she'll be able to use other sword abilities. Agrias was never meant to be a woman; all her previous ancestors were men, and were brave knights. Though she has a very high HP and evade, she is of the characters with lowest speed. Later in the game she won't be so useful because of that. Her attack power is also a little weak.

She is Princess Ovelia Personal Body-Guard, she's willing to give her life for the Princess safety. Throughout the story, she proves to be a very brave Knight; maybe the bravest Ivalice has ever seen.

There is one battle that consists of saving Agrias, though there's not much you need to do, as she defends herself pretty well. After that battle, Agrias will join your party, meaning she'll be fully controllable.


Favorite PS2 Games and Personal Classification:
» Final Fantasy X (95%)
» Final Fantasy X-2 (85%)
» Final fantasy XII (84%)
» Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 (80%)
» Resident Evil Outbreak (75%)
» Silent Hill 3 (74%)
» Silent Hill Origins (50%)

Favorite PSX Games and Personal Classification:
» Final Fantasy Tactics (99%)
» Final Fantasy IX (98%)
» Final Fantasy VII (97%)
» Final Fantasy VIII (96%)
» Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (95%)
» Resident Evil 1 & 2 (94%)
» The Legend of the Dragoon (93%)
» Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (90%)

Favorite Game Boy Advance Games and Personal Classification:
» Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (97%)
» Harvest Moon Back to Nature: More friends of Mineral Town (95%)
» Pokemon Ruby (90%)


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