Not yet. But they said they'd announce plans about their future at the start of the new year, so... read more

Sounds amazing, but it's probably going to be quite short. It'll be interesting as there obviously... read more

This is the first i've heard of ND games not working on earlier PS3 models. I used to have a 40gb... read more

quote samwise995
If the Season Pass is a 75% discount at $20, doesn't that mean that all the DLC...
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Looking forward to Buried, looks like it'll be a lot more like Mob Of The Dead in terms of layout, which is great... read more

There's everyone's summit.

Buried looks good, can't wait for 2nd August! read more

quote SpartanNinja
The last of Us is my GOTY winner...
Still I wonder if people playing in the PAL region get a sense...
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This is great news imo, as it would mean there will be a multitude of routes between point A and B. Something the... read more

Holy shit that actually disturbs me.

But yeah this is pretty sweet. Also it's not Mirrors Edge 2. Prick. read more

quote Tenklis
Well ps plus and xbl are not exactly the same thing bud, and i am willing to explain why that is to...
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