Agent C
Jun 27, 14 12:31am
lol this account still exists
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I'm offering my surplus 5IV Larvitars, which are listed below. Bear in mind I gave them different codenames for ease of i

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Hello all, I'm currently looking for friends to add so I can have a wide range of safari zones to choose from to form my

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The title is self-explanatory: I'm looking for people with Friend Safaris that include any of the following... -Duosio

Agent C
Feb 21, 14 4:38pm
And in the end, we bend, but easily break...
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Oct 01, 13 12:52am


So I'm back from my temporary, unannounced leave. Hopefully I'll get around to posting again and become an active member of the forums, like I was. However this time, I'll try not to make friends with the wrong people, and hopefully I won't be as despised as I was, although many people will still display enmity towards me.

Anyway, on to the post. A lot has changed since I was at my peak of activity, and this post will be a review and a comparison of me, three-four years ago (my peak of activity), and me today, at the time of typing, 30th of September, 2013, 11:39pm.

Physical Aspects

Well, there isn't an awful lot to say. According to my NeoHome, I was, at that point in time, 5'1". Tiny, I know. My friends used to give me a lot of grief for that, which is unreasonable, considering I was about 11/12. As of now, I am approximately 5'9"/5'10", and I'm now 15. Whoop-dee-doo. I'm also better built, even though I'm still like a weed in terms of muscle.

Me, June 2011. Why I'm carrying a tree, I'll never know.

Me, now. Much better, despite the horrible quality.

Mental Aspects

Now this will be lengthy. Ish. I've dropped all of my youthful idealism and optimism. People have put me down, time and time again, and it's affected me a lot. I stopped becoming woefully disappointed when people put me down, and I swapped my positive outlook for a darker, more pessimistic outlook on life. If anything, I've become somewhat cynical, realising that most of the people I've let into my life are motivated by self-interest: Nobody really cared about me as they claimed to. And because of my attitude towards people, I've lost many (online) friends.

In my mid-Neo years (2010-2011) I was, well and truly, a complete idiot. I'm surprised the mods didn't ban me more often due to my wilder behaviour, mainly involving flaming, and putting down newbies. I guess that I learned a lot about putting people down through the people closest to me online: Despite their (previous, note. People change.) awful behaviour and use of me as a general punching bag, I looked up to them. I respected them. I sought their advice, and emulated their actions. After all, I was 12, and easily impressionable. This flaming got way out of hand, and looking back, I could say I'm a lot worse than the people I flamed. In my stupidity, I also managed to flame mods on the odd occasion, which is something I obviously regret. What's in the past cannot be changed however, and I learned from experience.

Nowadays? I have more respect for authority in its Neo form. I now see the hours they put in, the dedication, giving up their free time to maintain a calm environment. As for newbies? I now realise that they too can make rash decisions, much like I used to on a regular basis, and I am more forgiving of that.

Social Aspects

If I could sum up this part in 2 words, they'd be boom and decline.

How? Real-life boom. Internet decline.

On Neo, I lost most of my friends when I took a break.

In real life? I gained a lot more confidence, which is a huge milestone for me, as I've had complex problems regarding expression of my thoughts, and difficulty talking in general, even one-to-one conversations, for most of my childhood.

And more recently, I've acquired a significant number of friends who I would have never talked to before.

A few years ago, I had a very small circle of friends, who weren't even that close to me, in real life. I had a core group of friends on the internet, also, of whom I referenced to before, but I won't go into detail about them.

Anyway, as a summary, many things have changed since the peak of my activity up to the current date (1st of October now, I've been writing since yesterday! Haha.), and most of these changes have been welcome, as experience and time has formed me into a better person.

Agent C, out.

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Agent C
Sep 30, 13 12:08am
Change my socks, just like I change the letters, girls with three syllable names, are often so easy to shame.
Agent C
Sep 29, 13 2:18pm
The only way is W___O____E
Agent C
Oct 14, 12 11:34pm
Agent C
Oct 14, 12 11:33pm
The best sandbox money can buy. To hell with Minecraft! Also has mods a-plenty, so you'll never get bored, whether you like zombies or space GarrysMod PC
Agent C
Jun 13, 12 11:35pm
Her silhouette is bleaker than a cigarette, on a Tuesday morn, I feel humanity slip from broken hands down to her hips
Agent C
Mar 06, 12 11:17pm
Entire team is babies!
Agent C
Feb 26, 12 11:33pm
It costs $200,000 to view this profile for 12 seconds.
Agent C
Feb 25, 12 9:40pm
Agent C
Feb 25, 12 7:53pm
I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you.
Agent C
Jan 24, 12 7:46pm
Thinking of leaving Neoseeker...
Agent C
Jan 24, 12 7:39pm
Well, thanks guys. Much appreciated. Or not.

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