Agent Angel
Oct 13, 10 5:12am
nomnom. fanta.
Agent Angel
Aug 10, 09 10:55pm
Spreading happiness since '95
Agent Angel blogged
May 10, 09 4:38am

Экзамены подошли, и я не хотел быть в состоянии сказать Вам парней...

Я уезжаю... Вероятно для хорошего на сей раз. И я не мог найти слова, таким образом я перевел это на русский язык.

Hopefull к тому времени, когда Вы читаете это, я уйду.

До свидания, мои друзья! обман

Agent Angel blogged
Mar 22, 09 8:54pm

Yeah, I knew I couldn't stay away for ever. The thing that made me leave... well it's finished. So, I'm back and kicking...

Look out, world: Medi's back!
Agent Angel blogged
Mar 19, 09 8:54am

Hey guys.

Yeah, I know it's a cliche. Everyone seems to be leaving atm.

But latley, I feel left out from all my friends, everyone's growing up and moving on; some have married in secret, some have boyfriends, some have forgotten about me altogether.

I sought friendship here when times were hardest for me; when I was 11, I was making life changing decisions; don't scoff- I was. I found things hard to cotrol, and sought friends at a time when I felt all alone.

Back to my first topic: I recently feel left out and upset, no one wishes to even know me any more. And my dearest, oldest friends are replying to me PM's with 'Hey, who the hell are you?' It's really geting me down.

So, I finish this first blog post by saying: "Goodbye."

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