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Ohai, welcome to My awesome NeoHome! I know a bit of HTML, but I know that GIMP/MS Word can do it for me :P

*insert useless crap here*


So, hi, Im Cam. Im from Yorkshire, in England and I like trains.


Joking aside, Im 12, Im 51, I have brown hair and blue eyes. And Im tanned. And Steven, Gary and Melanie, I know what youd say about that, so I thought I better warn you. Consequences will be fatal :P And it will be a disastertastrophy :P

A list of my friends are below, and a description of how awesome they are. I dont care if this is copied and pasted off my profile; Im lazy, and it is mine, after all :P

BB_Brona: I first properly got to know you in TPP, waay back in a time I can't remember too well, but you eat Zieds, so you're pretty damn awesome for that.

GBoy: I first met you in July. You're pretty damn awesome. You took jokes a bit too seriously at first, but now you're pretty cool about it now. You won't tolerate noobs, like me, so if they're acting like a dick to you, we both pull out flame-throwers and watch them burn in hate :D

Neon Rainbow, aka "My lovely MelMel": There's so many things I can say about you: You're freakin' awesome. You're one of my oldest "proper" neofriends and I first met you some time in January in your awesome AC gang called The Party People. You take jokes pretty well, except the Musab ones :P
There's only one word that can describe you... SUPERHYPERFREAKINAWESOMESAUCE :D

Silenced: You are awesome. You were the leader of the first AC gang I ever joined, the Kiddie Clan, and you're cool to talk to and if there's something wrong, I know I can talk to you.

St3v3n8r: There's 3 words that describe you as a person: Big. Ego. Mop. The first two words mean that you have a severely oversized ego. Sometimes, if you were in a room with me in real life, I bet I'd suffocate when you talk about how awesome you think you are. The second word is about your hair. Your hair is a mop. Despite those things, you're a great friend. And you really know how to flame. Whether it's to Pokemon Leader, DrMario24 or Musab, you flame in style. Pure awesome.

Ill leave out the hate list :P

Heres a list of things that I find awesome:

Ø Asdfmovies 1&2 (cant wait for #3!)

Ø Cyanide and Happiness The comics and the shorts are ace :D

Ø Eddsworld The comics and the flashes are a treat for the eyes :D

Ø Video Games An obvious one. Nintendo is preferred.

Ø TV Too obvious. Harry Hills TV Burp, Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield and the Armstrong and Miller show are among my favourites.

These are just some of the things that I like.


Favourite video games: Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mario Kart Wii

Super Mario Galaxy 2

New Super Mario Bros. Wii


This is all for now. Ill do more later. Seeya!