I shall start to write things that I know about you:

- You have the best comebacks and people don't know where to look when they've just been owned by you.
-You're an athletic person and the high-jump mat that used to be in your basement pretty much explains it.
-You go by many names such as CaMel, Camcorder, CamCam, Camera, Camantha, Oompa Loompa and Lord Kirbington. Lemme know if I missed any out.
-We play AC quite a lot and become millionaires.
-You hate Zied in many ways and so do I.
-You're a graphic artist who makes awesomesauce UB's and Banbanners.

I better go. I'm off to Brawl with Bub.

    Happy twelfth birthday, Caz! I hope it's a good one for you!

    And here is a special birthday stamp for yuu:

    Sorry I'm a day late, though. =w=

    Let art thou Beatles guide you with this special little day of yours: your birthday!

    Alexis :D
Merry Christmas, Caz! And a Happy New Year, while I'm at it.

Hope it's a good one for you and ye family!

In the land of our forefathers
there was a time when it was neccassary
to walk on our legs
now it is time to come for a new era
the era of technolodgy
but when you face someone in computer challenges
remember "Death Is The Only Way"