Agent C
Jun 27, 14 12:31am
lol this account still exists
Agent C shared a forum thread
Apr 19, 14 11:20pm

I'm offering my surplus 5IV Larvitars, which are listed below. Bear in mind I gave them different codenames for ease of i

Agent C shared a forum thread
Feb 25, 14 7:04pm

Hello all, I'm currently looking for friends to add so I can have a wide range of safari zones to choose from to form my

Agent C shared a forum thread
Feb 24, 14 7:05pm

The title is self-explanatory: I'm looking for people with Friend Safaris that include any of the following... -Duosio

Agent C
Feb 21, 14 4:38pm
And in the end, we bend, but easily break...
Agent C
Sep 30, 13 12:08am
Change my socks, just like I change the letters, girls with three syllable names, are often so easy to shame.
Agent C
Sep 29, 13 2:18pm
The only way is W___O____E
Agent C
Oct 14, 12 11:34pm
Agent C
Oct 14, 12 11:33pm
The best sandbox money can buy. To hell with Minecraft! Also has mods a-plenty, so you'll never get bored, whether you like zombies or space GarrysMod
Agent C
Jun 13, 12 11:35pm
Her silhouette is bleaker than a cigarette, on a Tuesday morn, I feel humanity slip from broken hands down to her hips
Agent C
Mar 6, 12 11:17pm
Entire team is babies!
Agent C
Feb 26, 12 11:33pm
It costs $200,000 to view this profile for 12 seconds.
Agent C
Feb 25, 12 9:40pm
Agent C
Jan 24, 12 7:46pm
Thinking of leaving Neoseeker...
Agent C
Oct 9, 11 12:30am
Not so pissed off :D
Agent C
Oct 8, 11 11:10am
Really pissed off :/

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