The Director of Operations

This should be a option for encountering Pokémon, think about it, you encounter a wild Rattata, why bother sending out

Seriously whats the best way to one shot this stupid thing without using Arceus with a steel plate? Is there a recommended

So I guess since we're finally seeing all these characters, its time to choose your characters, who do you plan on using

Hi, I'm looking for some Charizardnite Y, if anybody has a Charizardnite Y Mega stone they'd like to trade, please le

Will there be frustration in this game unlocking things? I have a history of really getting angry at games, throwing contr

The Evil King of The Beautiful People

The biggest combination of two of the biggest forms of entertainment come together as one to form Super Smash Bros Wrestling

I found a article saying that Rosa Mendes was going to perhaps make a return and be on the beneficial side of a push, perhaps

The Beautiful People ~ Marilyn Manson

As you all know I hail from the Super Smash Bros community so I know something that turn WWE gaming from something we play fo

I have a theory regarding Evil Buu, you know the Evil incarnation of Majin Buu that took physical form after Buu blew his sta

If this does return, how would it work? Is it like Gym Leaders? Or is stupid like the stupid Subway/PWT/Battle Maison?

Would Dixie Carter consider selling TNA to WWE so they could maybe possibly get on tv kind of like how we had ECW on Tuesday

They really should confirm this, after all there are already some names there that would create huge hype for this game, its

As we're all waiting for Super Smash Bros 4, which of the previous Super Smash Bros games will you be playing until this

Ok this is something I'd like to discuss because well face it we only have one month left until the 3ds version comes out

I was thinking hey maybe we'll see a few dlc characters for Mario Kart 8. First off I will say, the roster as it is, I

I'm wondering about how character unlockables are going to be handled this time, first off there is ALOT of characters in

Hi I'm looking for a Palkia, none shiny. I would like it's name to be Palkia, not PALKIA with all caps, that's

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