From guys who commentate in wrestling, list your favorite annoying, but funny catch phrases. I'll start. Cole: From A Feast or Fired, Velvet Sky ended up being th

I didn't pick Treeko. :P Therefore I won't be able to acquire Sceptilite without trading, could somebody please he

Hi I have a question about playing my 3ds Pokémon games, see I'd like to eventually start just using my blue 3dsXL

I been trying to get a Glameow, but I don't have Pearl to get one. I'm basically looking for a neutral nature, so

I have turned on not only The Authority, but I also turned on Team WWE too, I have joined with Team Impact, and Madison Rayne

I have something I'd like to say, as you all know I'm getting rather frustrated with finding certain Amiibos, and I&#

Next Raw get ready for 4 Legends in one night, we have HBK Shawn Micheals, The Bad Guy Scott Hall, Nature Boy Ric Flair and o

Now that's a Big Red Monster, look at him he's scary, if you look at his hand it looks like it's going to grab yo

WWE has some stupid things going on, what do you think is stupid? Some that come to mind for me. So fake you can tell i

Hi I'm in need of cloning services for a Modest Mewtwo from a recent Y game file. Keep in mind this is a Modest Mewtwo

I have something I'd like to get off my chest and believe me, it'll be a good one... I usually do share my thought

I'm did it, I started my new game as a guy, but what to name him? That's where you guys come in, I want to hear yo

I want The Big Red Monster himself, Kane to be a Pokémon on my team, but I'm not sure who would make the best Kane

I know in order to do this I need to restart my game because I'm May in both Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. What I wan

Pro Wrestler/Gamer, I ship myself with Madison Rayne and I do livestreams whenever I feel like it, it'll be a good one...

I've been thinking whenever Seth Rollins cashes in his MITB and becomes WWE WHC, he should buy into a new theme songs

I been thinking, this App I got from Brenden that allows you to sneek up on a Pokémon rustling in the grass, if you do

The stupidest move in wrestling, why do wrestlers bend over? They bend over then the other guy kicks them, its stupid look

Ok you guys know I love calling certain wrestlers Butt-Heads, lol. You know who they are, Dolph, Cena, Jericho, TNA guys,

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