Create your own transformation mask for Link! Here's mine Proxia

Ok thee thing I think is kind of stupid is something that could of been fun to do and that's whenever we snap a photo usi

Last time we saw this game was a GBA game with Leafgreen and Firered, which of course is totally outdated now, I think we rea

Hi I'm looking to clone my Zapdos, I need him to fly and I hate pathetic generic birds like Swellow. I'm also dupl

Ok I'm on the nightmare dungeon itself, Snowhead Temple, I was wondering if I acquired the hookshot and the Zora Mask, wo

Ok this is dumb, we all know who Koume is, she is freaken Twinrova and one hit from Skullkid has her on the ground, umm... wh

Ok looking at the first cutscene where Skull Kid is playing with Link's Ocarina, this doesn't make any sense, Link ge

So which of the two 6th gen female trainers do you like better? I'm going to say I like Serena better, I think that mi

Sooo first off when starting a new game what name do you use? I have two picked out. I'm done with using the name G

I been on a long hiatus from Zelda games ever since I rage quit Hyrule Warriors, that game made me so angry it caused me to h

I have two 3ds systems and I can only use one with the Nintendo Shop due the fact only one 3ds can be linked to a Nintendo Ne

We all have a chick in pro wrestling we thought was good on the eyes, so who was yours? You're not surprised to hear t

C'mon now, we all created a wrestling personality growing up, so what's yours? I started out as The Zakk in 1998,

I totally called it! I heard a rumor that the air guitaring, junk thumping, frmer member of 3MB, Drew McIntyre is now in Impa

From guys who commentate in wrestling, list your favorite annoying, but funny catch phrases. I'll start. Cole: From A Feast or Fired, Velvet Sky ended up being th

I didn't pick Treeko. :P Therefore I won't be able to acquire Sceptilite without trading, could somebody please he

Hi I have a question about playing my 3ds Pokémon games, see I'd like to eventually start just using my blue 3dsXL

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