What if I were to use the Dragonballs and wish Cell back? Not only that I use the second wish to grant Cell immortality, n

I can draw. ] ] ] What do think?

I'm just curious to see which characters from my top 5 dlc characters you guys would like to see in Super Smash Bros.

gamnesia.com/news/reddit-polls-super-smash-bros-fans-on-everything-about-dlc#.VTF7KVjwDqA … Woo hoo!! Read it!

We need more 3ds stages, these stages suck! The only stages I usually always use are Gerudo Valley and Gwar Plains. I h

One thing that always bothered me, why is Frieza and his minions running around in their underwear, lol? Even King Cold ru

Prowrestler / Gamer. I do live streams when I feel like it and I ship myself with Madison Rayne.
Getting really sick of Butt-Heads in WWE.

I was disappointed that we didn't get anybody new, basically I'm saying Sheik and ToonLink are a waste. Sheik is a

I have this Charizard and I been hearing something about Pokémon being shinified and I'd like to try this out with

Still looking for a cloner for Zapdos. :annoyed:

I still have some guys here I traded with on X, but they aren't showing up on my other games, those ones I like to ask pl

How come I keep asking for somebody to clone my Zapdos and nobody offers? I want to get done with this stupid game, I'

Its a fact, I hate birds, and this includes various bird Pokémon, and its no wonder why, Pidgey, Hoot-Hoot, Tailow, St

I'm just curious, which legendary bird do you think Flannery would use? Moltres or Ho-Oh? I ask this because she&am

Hahaha, now this is what I call a WrestleMania, the rules are simple one by one I will face every single wrestler that comes

Create your own transformation mask for Link! Here's mine https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B_PBPdWVIAQPgKz.png Proxia

Ok thee thing I think is kind of stupid is something that could of been fun to do and that's whenever we snap a photo usi

Last time we saw this game was a GBA game with Leafgreen and Firered, which of course is totally outdated now, I think we rea

Hi I'm looking to clone my Zapdos, I need him to fly and I hate pathetic generic birds like Swellow. I'm also dupl

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