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Oct 3, 15 1:24pm

It's the... third day of October here in Australia, so let's get moving with this year's Halloween contest!! T

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Nov 12, 13 3:38pm

Obscure Released at the peak of survival horror's quality (or at least the Alone In The Dark/Resident Evil style one, anyway), Obscure takes the tried and true Resident Evil formula, adds a few things and sets it all in a high schoo...

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Oct 31, 13 8:31pm

Ghosthunter Before Ghostbusters on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC came out... were there any good Ghostbusters games? Well, you could argue that the Sega Genesis game was a fun platformer, but besides that, Ghostbusters games ra...

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Oct 16, 13 1:37am

Devil May Cry Devil May Cry - what was originally supposed to be Resident Evil 4, now the beginning of a rather successful series of hack and slash games that wound up straying away from its roots. What do I mean by that? Well, whil...

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Oct 2, 13 12:27pm

Bionic Commando Usually when you think of arcade ports, you tend to think of games that are basically just optimized to play on consoles. From less detailed graphics and soundtracks to reworked controls and a limited amount of conti...

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Aug 30, 13 1:02am

Dynamite Headdy *bleep* yeah, Genesis-era Treasure! This is the good shit here, guys!Seriously, back in the days where RPGs hit their stride and Mario and Sonic were considered dominating forces, a developer by the name of Treasure...