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Oct 15, 13 8:56am

Devil May Cry - what was originally supposed to be Resident Evil 4, now the beginning of a rather...

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  • "Makes Dark Souls seems easy, filled my adrenaline like no other. I will never forget Devil May Cry, and I try to forget Dante Must Die! DevilMayCry"
    forcesofodin Feb 10, 12 12:53pm
  • "I'm at mission 2 at the moment. I'll try and see at what level I will end up on. DevilMayCry"
    LevenderGirl Sep 27, 11 1:48pm
  • "Excellent Game.... Devilous game between u and me. Dante, you are fantastic! DevilMayCry"
    RichardBaldwin Aug 25, 11 5:34am
  • "The best devil may cry game EVER DevilMayCry"
    HighDragon255 Jul 16, 10 3:10pm
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