It's almost like Microsoft don't want us to buy an Xbox One.
I'm back, guys!!
Heading off to Boston and then Ohio; see you guys in a few weeks!!
I'm not a morning person, I just act like one.
Space tigers can do anything!
The Surviving Horror 2013 series of reviews -
Brock from Pokemon being voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch =O

Obscure Released at the peak of survival horror's quality (or at least the Alone In The Dark/Resident Evil style one, anyway), Obscure takes the tried and true Resident Evil formula, adds a few things and sets it all in a high schoo...

Ghosthunter Before Ghostbusters on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC came out... were there any good Ghostbusters games? Well, you could argue that the Sega Genesis game was a fun platformer, but besides that, Ghostbusters games ra...

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