Axe Aerotrunks
Oct 6, 11 6:22am
When are you gonna get back on Live and start up another party with us? Guestbook of the first Neoseeker I ever played anything with right here, ladies and gentlemen. He is awesome.
PSO GUY Aerotrunks
Oct 12, 05 6:24pm
It's about time I got something in my guestbook, thanks for being the first!

So, without any further warning:

I'm going to be getting PSU this spring for PC, hope to see you there!
ctrl Aerotrunks
Sep 2, 05 1:17am
Looks like you could use a nice stamp.

j_fire11 Aerotrunks
Aug 2, 05 9:12am

I see you a lot and I also like DBZ and PSO
Darkhawk42 Aerotrunks
Dec 24, 04 12:46am
Well, since you signed mine, the least I can do is do you the courtesy of signing yours. After all, it seems we might be rebuilding Team Neo from the ground up come January. We should at least be somewhat acquainted, yes?
Sindrak Aerotrunks
Nov 11, 04 9:53am
Hi, I have randomly signed your guestbook during my guestbook signing spree.

Have a nice day,
kaoru_aoi Aerotrunks
Jul 28, 04 5:42pm
hiya... just going around signing guestbooks. and so you know what to do go sign mine too... hehehe

Mave Zero Aerotrunks
Mar 5, 04 5:56am
Hey you person! I met you in the PSO forum and I just came over to say hi. I'm just really bored right now is why. I'll see you around the forums!
Chaos Master Aerotrunks
Feb 14, 04 3:09am
Fire is the escape to the light, but the fire is only needed in the darkness.

Why are people afraid of the dark that hides. Shouldn't they be afraid of light that reveals?

The dark may hide the evils, but if you can't see them doesn't that mean they can't see you?

The dark is forever. It can't be stopped, and it will cosume all. The Light, our souls, and the world. The Dark will always exist. The Light can't stop it. Once it is gone the Dark can't be held back.
Sharone Aerotrunks
Aug 15, 03 5:24pm
Ill sign your guestbook, but whats your name on Phantasy Star Online? Or is it the X Box Version? Or are you one of the few who plays the dreamcast version? Anyway my User Name is same as here.....anyway, if u want to play on PSO Anytime tell me k? If not, send me the finger by E-mail
Onikage Aerotrunks
Jun 30, 03 12:19am
You wanted me to sign so i signed, Aerotrunks is a cool name, no matter what anyone says, they're just jealous because they did'nt think of a name like that, I hope to see you on PSO episode 1&2 or PSO3 sometime in the near future
Number1SHIT Aerotrunks
Jun 23, 03 7:25pm
Guess What? You've been Stamped

DeathKnight Aerotrunks
Dec 20, 02 9:55pm
I see that you were looking for signatures so i decided why not? i used to see you a lot in the Tactics Ogre forum, but no more. hopefully you'll return to the forum and we'll talk more there...i'll see you around.
ReconfromShadows Aerotrunks
Oct 8, 02 10:02pm like to sign your on guestbook eh? Well...Cheer Up! I am here to shed some new life to your dying book of guests...or something...I dunno

Ha! j00 gonna like this pic!

ispeeker Aerotrunks
Oct 3, 02 11:47pm
I'm just signing for the hell of it... i have 125 characters to fill? shoot... ',',',',',',',',',','O !! wabbit tracks! ok... im waiting to reach 125...
Amberish Persona Aerotrunks
Aug 21, 02 9:58pm
I saw you around and I just thought I'd pop in and sign your guestbook, seeing as I'm that nice! j/k... ttyl, and keep it real and sign my g-book .