newcomer Aeris
Dec 23, 07 8:57pm
Yay, I get to sign two times in a row!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I don't have any pictures or anything, but I can spray you with fake champagne. Nyahahaha! *runs off*
newcomer Aeris
Aug 10, 07 5:11am
...Oh, I have no friends.

Haha, just kidding. I was here, so I'll vandalize your guestbook this time 'round.

Been a while, but yeah.
Cute Phantasy Aeris
Dec 26, 05 9:25am
I am feeling very seasonal so there for have joy and sign peoples guest books lol!

p.s i love wolfs........random i know.

you have been stamped by

*drum roll*

~*Cute Phantasy**

Sindrak Aeris
Nov 11, 04 3:47pm
Hi, I have randomly signed your guestbook during my guestbook signing spree.

Have a nice day,
Whistling Wolf Aeris
Nov 1, 04 10:48am

Du er alt for lite på MSN for tiden.. hater du meg? Jeg visste det!!! *løper av gårde med tårer i øgonan!*

Mad Cammy
DQ Maniac Aeris
Oct 28, 04 7:18am
DQ Maniac Aeris
Sep 27, 04 6:14pm
Tres Aeris
Sep 1, 04 10:23am

high times
I feel so fine
stiggidy booms
gonna make you high

Testing, Testing, Testing...
<>Gas bar not finish<>

Miller Aeris
Aug 23, 04 2:56am

Miller Aeris
Aug 5, 04 3:54pm

How is the first person I really talked to on Neo? Mew?

Heehee *poke*

Moooooooooooooo(A moo for old times )
Tres Aeris
Jul 26, 04 8:44pm

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Little Miss Magic Aeris
Mar 30, 04 10:45am

Hello! Long time no speak! I haven't been coming online much lately but haven't forgotten ya! Hehe still planning on a visit sometime this year to Norway which I'm hoping you'll be around to see. Hope things have been going well, hope you like my cool new stamp and hope to talk soon!

Helen xxx
P.S. How could they cancel Sam &Max?! =(
Whistling Wolf Aeris
Mar 4, 04 12:27pm
Nei jeg kan ikke si jeg kjenner meg igjen til ingen av de tegneseriene jeg! *engel* Thi hi

Jeg lo godt av den første!! XD

Her er en link jeg fikk av Turkagent Idag! ha ha ha!

Muahahahah XD
Miller Aeris
Mar 2, 04 2:25am

Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink OINK!
Miller Aeris
Feb 23, 04 11:59am
Awww lookie a cute ickle puppy, don't cha just wanna snuggle it?

Heh heh heh.
LRN Aeris
Feb 15, 04 6:43am
A few years ago, I remember I used to go hang out with Crow on this day.... How we loathed it...
Well it ain't so bad now...
Happy V' Day.
Miller Aeris
Feb 10, 04 10:55pm
I am a washing machine, do what i say!

ReVoluTion10 Aeris
Feb 5, 04 5:43am

All of a sudden Ricky becomes the king of the carts. What the *bleep* does he think I'm supposed to do? Go down to the bank and tell them I haul shopping carts for a living so give me a *bleep*ing cheque please. Well that ain't gonna *bleep*ing happen!
extremeev1 Aeris
Jan 15, 04 5:55am
yey enda en norsk en. men du har vært her en stund.


Whistling Wolf Aeris
Jan 11, 04 9:06am
Happy new year!! and thanx for the old (som vi nordmen sier )

Thanx for signing my GB I love the picture's! I laughed my head of seeing Santa on the wolf's back
I sadly have no picture to stamp your GB back... FOR NOW! (som du vet XP )

Jeg håper du hadde det fint I jule tiden! jeg håper dette nyåret vil bli en pestfri år! He he

Sin Mad Cammy

I'm gonna give you a little picture anyway!
Even though it's not a stamp... It's still good right?
Selv om jeg tror jeg har postet bildet her før.. Ah well
Jeg vil bare lure folk til å trykke på banneren min!

Have a good one!

Little Miss Magic Aeris
Dec 27, 03 1:34am

Heya! I decided to make another stamp since we didn't get the other one done in time (it links to an animation!) Maybe for new years eh? Well thanks for signing my guestbook and "thanks for the old" hehe hope you had a good christmas and talk to you soon!!

Melon xxx
Excalibur Aeris
Dec 25, 03 10:21pm

Merry Christmas and I hope you get the chance to fulfill every minute of happiness and joy.

....and more free time to sleep as well!

Happy Holidays

Iscariot Aeris
Dec 25, 03 3:09pm

May your holidays be filled with joy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
LRN Aeris
Dec 22, 03 11:24am

Aye, Marry Christmas, from me and the lizard
May your holiday season, kick the asses of all the others!(ok... just own them all)