My name is Justin ??????, i am a 13 year old unschooler, currently living in Texas. As an unschooler i have learned to open up my mind to all opportunity's that come my way, and from dong this, i have become a gourmet chef, a botanist, an idealist and optimist, a phlisopher, psychologist, and a Duct-Tape master! All from taking initiative and doing what i love, or might love, although since all my opinions change periodically, so i do suppose that that helps with taking intrest in so many different things!
Now your probably wondering, "what is unschooling?" Well, unschooling is much like homeschooling, except we don't have a curriculum, and we learn from life, more then books, but other then that, we are near completely the same, kinda.. I'm still learning about the unschool phlisophy, so there is still much more to learn!


Cooking, Climbing, Athletics, Science, Botany, Astrology, Marine life, Animal Trainings..... ETC
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