Meh, I was supposed to send these out ages ago but I just didn't have the time. ._.

Anyway! Congratulations on winning so many awards on the MySims Forum! So... Right, yeah. I guess it's time for mah lovely stamp now. You ready? Good. Here it comes.

BAMMMMMM! See you around~

Great work winning an award in the MySims Forum Awards. I'm signing your Guestbook, like I'm supposed to.. >_> Anyways, enjoy my lovely stamp. =]

See you around.

x GM x
Hey! I'm on a signing spree because I haven't been on one in a while! Enjoy your stamp <=D

*~* Roxy *~*
Good job winning a forum award in the MySims forum awards. Congrats!

Yeah I'm just gonna Blabber on here so I can give you the cool ass stamp you made for me!
You should stamp me cause i'm gonna stamp everyone on my friends list!

Congratulations on successfully finding all ten hidden Easter Eggs in the HM: MFoMT Forum Easter Egg Hunt!

As promised, here is your guestbook stamping.

Great job!

I just wanted to say to have a great day! ^^ Hope you stay awesome

♥ Yasmin

You're a great friend and a good admin so:

W's are to take up space!

w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w
Happy holidays and merry Christmas my friend.

(Haha, your massage in your guestbook Welcome & Instructions was funny. xD)


Hey Adam!

Happy holidays! You're a really good guy and I'm glad we were able to put our differences aside and become friends. Otherwise I would have missed out on a really great person's friendship.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Hey. I know we got off to a rough start in the HM: DS General Chat thread, but I thought I'd come visit your guestbook.

There's a stamp for you, too. I hope you like Harry Potter. It was the only decent looking stamp I could find in my collection, lol.

Merry Christmas Adam Hill. Have a nice Holiday.
I thought I would sign your guestbook again.

I made it on my computer.
Sign back!!

sorry, I don't has any chars.
You game me a PM asking about what happened.

My PM has been taken out, I can't send anybody a PM under S Mod level.

I only have one post per day, that's it.

I'm so close to a perma ban, I'm one step away they said.

My intentions weren't so bad, but I guess I brought the bad side out of people when they have to face their own problems.

Anyway, I'm going to a Joe Satriani concert tomorrow! WOOT!! He's playing my fav album too!

Surfing with the Alien 20th Aniversary! plus three other songs as well that the fans have to pick (one of his own songs of course)

Maybe copy and paste this to frontline for me through a PM?

Hey adamhill. I'm on a signing spree. Thanks for adding me to your friends list

Your a very nice person and I luv talking to you
See ya at the forums

hi there adam i'm butchsmudge31 and i signed your guest book its R2D2 from star wars

See you around the forums,

-Duker Nuker

~Signing stampede 7/26/07~
Jk. Sorry for the lateness. >.>

Hope you like it.

(Best stamp I ever made)

Now for the stuff I found that is funny and I want to put here.

So, there you have it.
Sorry Adam, i had to.

Bah it's about time to sign it, been talking for a while

Now, I don't have a fancy lil stamp for guest books, but this is good enough

We like the same music, and other stuff, so it's a good enough excuse for me! Our lil convos are great fun

See you around,
I just went on a signing spree with my new stamp that I just made. You're the second person I've ever stamped because you are cool and I felt like doing it. Please sign back!
hey i do you send PM's to every body or just cool ppl? eh lol anyway heres a GB signin from me and yes for many cheats ruined the game but for ppl that liek to wreac havoc with no conqeunces whatso ever we liek to use cheats and incernrate anything that moves! lol
My awesome Stamp of awesomeness...

You shall not have your Guestbook graced with. =D

~Knightmare Chaotix, The Untimed

I should have done it earlier but anyway just wanna sign my new friedns G-B!!

I don't have any stanp..or whatever..LOL..(beter make one)..hehe..anyway

Take care, have a nice day <33