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thanks for helping me on the fable 2 game but i have another question where do i go on the x box live marketplace to get the LEC code you where talking about all i see are theme sons and videos you can contact me at joey_ben_jamin@yahoo.com thanks.
Whats up cool guy? I just wanted to stop by and sign your gbook....\

you've been stamped by kid verdugo......orly??
Hey dude seen you around the Resident Evil forums and I thought that I would sign your Guestbook.

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Just saw ya in the Virtua Fighter 4 evolution forum, so I've decided to sign your guestbook.

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You seem to have the same FAQ writing devotion as me . Well, thats the reason on singing your guestbook and hopefully you and me will get to the top FAQ writers on Neoseeker .

Well, if you have time you can pm me and we can chat about FAQ writings:P.

Well, have a nice day and peace out

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Ive seen you around the forums alot, how have you been today?
Could you sign my GB?
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