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Aug 29, 14 1:21am

Good new, Resident Evil (Biohazard) remastered now comes in Asian version. This version offers Japanese as well as English subs and text so it is the best DVD version you may want to get. I already know the game but reading text in English feels better in my opinion. Preorder from
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Aug 28, 14 1:20am

I’m sure that by now, many of you heard that Resident Evil Revelations 2 may be coming out. I am all for a new Resident Evil with dark atmosphere and creepy surroundings but let me explain why I think Revelations 2 makes no sense at all. The game was good, a spin off set in between Resident Evil 4 and 5. The story was decent for a side game and the environment was creepy. The monsters were kinda cool but nothing special or old school Resident Evil alike. That is the main problem, it is a side story that ended. RER2 will bring nothing more but confusion and broken side story that ended in the first one.

I understand, Capcom can and will come up with a way to tie things up. The problem is, will quality control be imposed or will we all end up with a part 2 side story that no one cared about in the first place? Capcom is in a tight corner now with financial trouble and what not. The last thing they need is this. Save the budget and release something the fans want or use the money to produce or even remake some of the classics like Final Fight and Mega Man X. Soeaking of Megaman, I will tear eBay from inside out for the X collection as soon as I receive my next gaming budget and by receive I mean pay my bills and use part of whats left.

Any way, I hope I made it clear as of why I think that this is a bad idea. Let me know what you think.

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Aug 28, 14 1:17am
Cross posting my blog post, now on Neoseeker.
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Aug 28, 14 1:17am

The rumors were true false, Google will not be buying Twitch after all. Instead, Amazon will finalize the deal soon to acquire the games streaming giant. I am happy that it is Amazon instead of Google and before you call me anti Google crusader let me tell you this:

I have never broadcasted anything on twitch although I am planing to. The likely scenarios if Google managed to buy it would have been:

Google shuts it down and merge it with YouTube. or
Ruin it to the point of no return much like the YouTube.
Google +
Amazon on the other hand has a vision, to become the best and with the ongoing company innovation and services I can easily trust Amazon over Google any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google but in this case; not so much. You can read the announcement bellow:

On August 25, 2014, it was reported that the rumored Google deal had fallen through, and that Inc. was in talks to acquire Twitch for at least $1 billion.[37][38] The acquisition was confirmed by Twitch executive Emmitt Shear shortly after. The deal, valued at $970 million, will be finalized within the remainder of 2014.

Twitch will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inc, with Emmitt Shear remaining as CEO. Shear touted the Amazon Web Services platform as an “attractive” aspect of the deal, and that Amazon had “built relationships with the big players in media” which could be used to the service’s advantage—particularly in the realm of content licensing. The purchase of Twitch marks the third recent video gaming-oriented acquisition by Amazon, which had previously acquired the developers Reflexive Entertainment and Double Helix Games.

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Aug 08, 14 11:19am
Cant wait for Resident Evil remastered
Mar 23, 14 9:44am
Whats on my mind? Browsing the forums while having my morning Starbucks coffee fix.
Feb 03, 10 1:39am
Back for good!
Jun 05, 04 8:30am
Why I got Dreamcast! SonicAdventure2 DC
Jun 05, 04 8:30am
Play this game every day and night! CrazyTaxi DC

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