snipersix Adam X
Aug 27, 07 11:35pm
You said sign my guestbook so im signing if you want to sign mine go ahead im no rasist.
Well see ya on the wii sports forums!
Super Megaman Adam X
May 26, 07 11:45pm
I'll sign. Here's your stampo. LOL!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajhdjbhbd sfjhdbfhfdskjdfjkdsjfdjbnbfn. K 125 characters succeeded.
black doom Adam X
May 7, 07 5:38am
Cool, that means I make an impression.

I have noticed you too though. So you only got your Wii nine days ago. I got mine on the European release date.

Now to the stamping:

AdamHill Adam X
May 1, 07 8:02am
here, man. I know that you're new (I'm not, despite my post count), and just follow the site rules, respect the other users, and help out, and you'll have as much of a following as I. PS we have the same first name!