Had to go 200 miles away to find it, and even then I did not know if I would find it. I was really lucky. Case is slightly cracked but... FinalFantasy7 PSX
I beat all Marks except Ixion and Yiazmat. FinalFantasyXII PS2
Loose pages, held together with a rubberband. I love this book! Used to have the sequel, Elvenblood, but I loaned it to my stepbrother... TheElvenbane
Missing about 30 pages...ironically missing the exact page I needed for a quote -_- HarryPotterandTheSorcerersStone
Bought it at Half-Price Books for $9, cartridge in very good condition, but no box or manual. GoldenSun GBA
First PS2 game I ever owned, lost the case a couple of years ago (accidentally left it at a friends and kept forgetting it XD) RaymanArena PS2
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