I know you don't know me but I was dared to stamp every Neoseeker member's guestbook...well at least those who joined neoseeker and actually visited/posted. And guess what..your on the list! The title up there tells that you are the [insert number here] to be stamped by this stamp. So you better like this stamp!
Cheer me on....
Hi, I have randomly signed your guestbook during my guestbook signing spree.

Have a nice day,
Hi, I saw you posting in the digimon world 2 forum and I saw you have a link in your sig because you want people to sign your guestbook.I never understood what's the deal with the guestbook, but anyway I'll sign yours.Have fun.
The OverLord of Chaos
I've seen you in DW2 and Pokemon Ruby. It's nice to know their is somebody other than me who is interested in Pokemon and Digimon. Well any way I hope to see you more.
JCB the member who didn't register himself.
Hey your avatar looks so cool such as your banner.how did you get that.That so cool.I like signing guestbooks too.Signed EMBER
Hi,you signed my guestbook so I am doing it too.
Hope you like digimon world 2 forum like I do.Cool banner and avatar.Well see ya later in the forum.
Hello Acemon! I see your using that stamp I made you! Thanks! So, I'm just gonna sign your guestbook, have fun, and, see ya around!

I already did this i'm sure of it:#. Oh well i've signed it AGAIN!!!

I will show you true power(just to take up the minimum length)
hi you signed my guestbook so i dicided to sign yours back

P.S i will stamp it with a proper stamp when i get paint shop pro