I know you don't know me but I was dared to stamp every Neoseeker member's guestbook...well at least those who joined neoseeker and actually visited/posted. And guess what..your on the list! The title up there tells that you are the [insert number here] to be stamped by this stamp. So you better like this stamp!
Cheer me on....
Hey wazzup ace? i see you added me in your friends list, so i decided to sign your GB. HOW LUCKY FOR YOU! anyway, like stated before. you can be funny. sometimes i'll read one of your posts and just start CRACKING UP! fillerfillerfiller... that should be enough!
Peace out
Yeah I'm singing cause I can.

What to say..........

Well I dont have a stamp and dont expect one in the near future.

Well Ummm... Sign back.

Oh if you need or care to my e-mail is:


Thats about it.

Oh and.... BLEACH OWNS!!!!
I thought I would sign your guestbook since I have seen you a lot.I like your avatar its really cool!I will see you around the site I guess.
i love your Avatar. It's so cute! red and white are really pikachu's colors. i'm still looking for my Avatar....
my IM is pinksoftball322
my e-mail is pinksoftball322@aol.com
say Hi sometime!!!
hey do you still want that pikachu?
idc what youll trade for it, i found 2 gibles yday
a boy anda girl
so want da pikachu still?
You are back in my friend

Masters of time and space RULE!!!!!!!

Join back you just have to post again
If you are an ace i want a ride man/woman.

Airplane attack

Airplane attack

Airplane attack

Airplane attack