Holly Charm AcePenguinX
Jul 22, 08 3:44am
I know you don't know me but I was dared to stamp every Neoseeker member's guestbook...well at least those who joined neoseeker and actually visited/posted. And guess what..your on the list! The title up there tells that you are the [insert number here] to be stamped by this stamp. So you better like this stamp!
Cheer me on....
lil_j AcePenguinX
Sep 3, 07 1:25pm

when i saw this pic i thot of giving you it cuz its a penguin!
Slayer Ryoma AcePenguinX
Jul 10, 07 3:04pm
Hey, thought I'd sign your guestbook because we talk a lot. Stamped!

InnerDemon AcePenguinX
Jul 10, 07 8:00am
u just got stamped my friend.

sign back plz, and have a kickass day.
lil_j AcePenguinX
Dec 12, 06 6:27pm

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
plz sign my guestbook too!
Jem AcePenguinX
May 14, 06 9:41pm
this is a random guestbook signing. it is stupid and pointless, and you are not obliged to sign mine. im being pessimistic arent i?

Jedd AcePenguinX
Apr 22, 06 9:46am
Hey..I signed your guestbook..for all the..um, little penguines =p I'm going to waste space now because it says i need 125 charecters..stoopid thing..lets see..oh I only need 3 more!! Ooops..Nvm
Jem AcePenguinX
Mar 6, 06 8:00pm
look! i made a stamp! sign my guest book too!
do you like it?
unknownmaster AcePenguinX
Mar 3, 06 11:51pm
I see you LOVE penguins!
Well, a penguin stamp.

It's a dancing one!
Jem AcePenguinX
Feb 22, 06 10:03am
tu habla espanol? yo no hablo espanol. Mi hermana es mi muy grade casadilla. Muy bien!

okay,... that was dumb, hi penguin!
nintendo_goddess AcePenguinX
Feb 19, 06 6:46pm
hey sry again about my bro! I really am!! WEll hi!

Got to get going BUH-BYE, BYE, TA-TA :: LOL ::
Woodentop AcePenguinX
Feb 19, 06 4:21pm
I've decided to sign your guestbook since you are against hackers! Dam them hackers! Heres my newest stamp!

PS. Try and sign back
MisticRing AcePenguinX
Feb 19, 06 3:23pm
hii! I almost all day was trying to find sum1 AT LEAST SOMEONE! to come to my town. two came, two failed,-lagg issues-
-sigh- i'm ok@
nintendo_goddess AcePenguinX
Feb 18, 06 2:52pm
hey lol i liked how u used my acww name very cool! anyway how are u? lol!!!!!! I will be on nxt wk tuseday-sunday so until then bye come on over nxtwk okay!!! buh bye pm me or write back!
nintendo_goddess AcePenguinX
Feb 18, 06 1:00pm
i saw that no one has signed ur gb (personaly i was shocked) so i did sign ur gb i hope u sign my gb now please do so! i hope to see u around in ac:ww and on neoseeker se u around bye!!!!!!!!!!