Jan 12, 15 9:15pm
I need to learn to drive uuuugggghhhh
Ace3000 shared a link
Dec 26, 14 12:19pm

_Huh, I thought it would've aired already in the UK. Unless @Dragoon had no time to make a thread since it's Christma

Ace3000 blogged
Dec 11, 14 5:26pm

So, after about a year and a half after my previous update, I need to clarify that since a few weeks ago, PROJECT: Re/Save is cancelled. Why? Well, it's certainly not because I didn't feel like beating every single PS2 game I had again, but for a whole different and more positive reason.

My broken PS2 memory card repaired itself.

I had no idea how it did so, but one day, I was messing about with my gaming setup. I had bought an AV selector, which allowed me to effectively have multiple AV channels, as opposed to my TV's one input. I found a memory card lying on the floor of my relatively messy room, and stuck it in the PS2. Then it happened. Instead of showing the two blue cubes that signified corrupt data, one by one, every single game save on that card loaded. The card wasn't corrupted after all.

I am SO GLAD I did not throw it out, cause now I have my saves back. YAY!
Nov 24, 14 10:49pm
So my iTunes library says I have 11037 songs. Danganronpa, anyone?
Nov 19, 14 10:41pm
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