Aug 15, 11 11:07am
needs some new games. >:
Feb 21, 11 12:35am
is permanently hungry.
Jan 16, 11 3:18am
is sick to death of Black Ops.
Dec 14, 10 2:03am
is missing his, sadly un-assembled, drum kit.
Acceleration blogged
Sep 12, 10 5:34am

Just wondering if there were any other death drummers on Neoseeker? I don't know any other drummers who play this genre and I was curious as to whether there are any other people who would like to chat to me about it all, exchange tips, etc. Even if no drummers turn up, any other death metal instrumentalists or just general fans of it can talk to me about it too. :) We seem to be an endangered species nowadays. I know there are plenty death metal fans on Neoseeker, you just have to look, but hey, comment and let's get talking about the wonders of death metal! :D

Sep 9, 10 5:07am
Looking for the rest of the Codex Pages. Not having much luck though. AssassinsCreed2
Sep 8, 10 9:06pm
I love this game. Great fun to play on a rainy day with nothing else to do. AssassinsCreed2
Sep 5, 10 4:13pm
Portable racing fun. Can be lots of carnage. Overall decent game to play. MarioKartDS
Sep 5, 10 4:09pm
Great fun. Wi-Fi is excellent, the graphics are fantastic and it's a nice way to have fun with your friends. MarioKartWii
Sep 5, 10 4:07pm
Cool for relaxing with. Challenging achievements. FIFASoccer10
Sep 5, 10 4:04pm
My favourite game. It involves my favourite sport. The first person mode makes the game so much more real. MirrorsEdge
Sep 5, 10 3:59pm
Generally fantastic game. Amazing graphics, and it requires more skill than holding down A. ForzaMotorsport3
Sep 5, 10 3:57pm
Served me well this game. Great to play on-line too. PokemonDiamond
Sep 5, 10 3:54pm
A nice thing to dedicate yourself to. Easy to set goals. AnimalCrossingWildWorld
Sep 5, 10 3:52pm
Great for playing on-line. Decent sized achievements. Amazing graphics. CallOfDutyModernWarfare2
Sep 5, 10 3:05pm
Finally playing Tears Don't Fall on drums!
Sep 5, 10 1:41am
I am really a girl :3
Aug 4, 10 4:15pm
*drums to Slayer songs*
Acceleration blogged
Jul 30, 10 3:12pm

I'm planning on getting back in to graphic designing again. I really enjoyed it last time I was doing it, and seeing as I start my graphics GCSE in September, they'll only get better. My sigs and avatars at the moment aren't incredible, but they aren't terribly awful either. My current sig and avatar were made by me (yes, my avatar is basic XD) as a kind of look in to my work. I'll be making a few more for my Neo Gallery too. So if you want, I wouldn't mind taking requests, I don't mind what about. If you want one, send me a PM with what features you'd like it to have. These would include:

A background -
Image(s) -
Image Effect(s) -
Text -
Text Effect -

And any others you may want to mention to me. Thanks a lot!

graphic design
Feb 20, 10 10:41pm
You sexy bitch! :3


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