Corvo or Daud? Who's the better assassin? And yes, still more Terraria!
Who's the better assassin? Corvo or Daud? Oh, and yes, still Terraria!
Terraria, Terraria, Terraria... Oh, and one more thing: Terraria.

It wouldn't be hard to imagine Supergiant Games, after finishing Bastion, might just close down...

Rumors broke yesterday that Thief 4 was set to be announced today via a Game Informer cover story, and so it has....

Sly and the gang are back and better than ever!
Loving every minute of the new Tomb Raider!
Officially addicted to Guild Wars 2...
Officially addicted to GW2...
Darksiders II, the first game to make me shelf Dragon's Dogma. Now that deserves a medal!
Awesomenauts, the game is so... Excuse me... Awesome!

A 30 second cinematic trailer of Thief 4 has been leaked. Apparently, the footage stems from a...

So, zombies can't hurt you if you're brainless? Quick! Hand me the Cranial Saw!
Sleep? HAH! I scoff at your pathetic and primitive "human" methods of system recharge!
Sleep? HAH! I scoff at your methods of recharge!
Let's not hate each other for who we're not, but instead love each other for who we are.
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