Elfinthearcher Abysmal
Jan 15, 13 6:05pm
Time for a random thing
-pokemon dances with prinnies
-purrloin is pretty kitty turn me on (david guetta)
-Prinnies explode in tales of symphonia a new era (instead of Winged dragons)
-Wow pokemon do exist (meh mj killed it when he died)
-Megaman does the moon walk with javawalkies and jaba the hut
-Skitty dies because elmo had a gun
-megatron plays basketball against the real decepticon leader megatron
-ronald mcdonald kills kfc cournel
-Mickey mantle eats mickey mouses head off (with deadmau5)
-And the saturdays were killed by a freddie crugger -mc-cougar (a cat with an addiction to stealing happy meals from dora the evil explorer)
-Davie crocket shoots his lazors at pound puppies
-barbie is constipated with drug abuse in 60's
-and X-men kills davie and gigalith
Uh what happens now will remain random and mysterious
bloodwolf Abysmal
Jan 7, 13 7:56am
do you read any bleach or watch it. Its an animae?