I came here looking for DKR cheats, and found my way to the forums. So I started an account as MogeyBlah and now have started a new account as Absol4evr.

My neofriends

Growlitheking - My first Neofriend. She's cool and pretty nice. Also kinda random.

Mastermanaphy - One of my best friends out of neo. I know almost everything about him.

Dessemaru - One of Growlitheking's Neofriends. I don't know very much about him yet.

White Spirit - See Dessemaru's comment. Except I don't know whether Growlitheking is neofriends with White Spirit.

Mogeyblah - Basically my old acount. no more to say.

~More to be added (when I get more Neofriends)~

Things I Like:


Algebra I
French I

Most anything besides Classic Jazz and Country

Silver Arrow

~More to Come~


Youtube, DDR, and Youtube Poop
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David OMG it's so secret not even I know


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