What does this picture mean? I do not understand it...

Getting Minecraft and a Shadow skin :D
Getting Minecraft and then downloading skins and resource packs....

I've got myself a shiny ADAMANT Mewtwo from the trade forum, and since it's adamant, i'll have to mega evolve it

Rules- Guess a number from 1`-20, and you will increase your chances of winning by answering this question- Q. What was you

Just started loving Sonic and Shadow...

Only a few rules- Post on this thread first, I will reply if I'm interested. Then, we chat and I'll give details in P

Answer! I was bored, so I made this thread. Anymore characters you want? Ask me, and I'll add them to the list.

Everyone is looking for a 5-6 IV Shiny Whimsicott (Typical), but whats so great about one/

I know about the Mega Evolution of Latias and Latios, and I want the shiny one :P

I use Google Chrome, and when I went to the Trading Forum, it said Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access

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