As title, looking for osmeone with whirlipedes in their safari :) Thanks

Hey folks after a day spent on showdown, how does this look? I'm sitting at 1800 on showdown with most losses due to m

Trading my 5iv Perfect Adamant technician Scythers (I have 3 at the moment I believe) for other perfect IV pokemon :) Also

Hi Folks, I've never played the in the Pokemon battle scene before, but, having enjoyed X and Y so Much i would like to

Hi Folks, Trying to IV breed for the first time and just wanted to make sure I am doing it correctly At present I have

Hi Guys, As title looking for friend codes for Paras, Riolu, Feebas/Milotic or Garbite Safari's leave FC here :)

Hi Folks, Thought I would post my proposed battle maison team up here! battle masion Garchomp @ Garbonite Rough S

Hi Folks, I'm LF pokerus Reply here with what you are after. I also have Ditto in my safari., so that is an optio

Hi guys, I have Ditto as my 3rd in Friend Safari so feel free to add me :) Raven 3DS 2638 - 0690 - 7721 Ditto, loudred,

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