Think another player beat you with the announcement.
Probably a good thing, but unfortunately... read more

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Well things kinda went berserk there didn't they.I won't add to it.Burned out on the various... read more

DG has agendas, "g" ones and as well as others as well it seems.
We can stop talking about... read more

In your estimation, not in that of others including myself of course.
shrugs. read more

Said I am not homophobic cool. Believe whatever you like.

I think with Gaider it's some form of... read more

I don't dislike DG. For anyone to say so is ridiculous..
I've worked with "g's " before.I am a... read more

Dragon Age is not porn.Anybody who knows the internet knows where to find porn on it.Dragon Age is... read more

I saw that yesterday.Nothing really new.
Coding it would be the issue.
However, Bioware has kind of... read more

Sorry I found it first rabid.Didn't mean to get in your way.
I don't like the way she looks.The... read more

I think you work for a GAMING COMPANY don't you ?
And you for some reason chose this site to vent... read more

Maybe true Gamers went overboard, but you can't excuse Aliens Colonial Marines or can you ?
It... read more

You think so ?
Like what false logic ?
If the developers promised something they should have... read more

Here's a tumblr post from Gaider.I had been looking for it, couldn't find it but someone on... read more

There's a tumblr David Gaider's tumblr.I read a little of it, I can't find the exact post on it... read more

fanservice ? Rotfl.
I got in trouble for making a remark about fanservice.
But that's ok.smiles.

The... read more

Yes it does seem Bioware spiffed up Cullen for the "Cullenators", female fans like GamerMD83 and... read more

uh many female fans latched on to him.Including some who are among Bioware's biggest supporters.
I... read more