If you live in the USA you can check out pawnshops.At times a pawnshop may have a PS4/XBox1... read more

Sounds good.But no romances.Not even ones like Baldur's Gate had.

Josh Sawyer used the dreaded... read more

I have a fan....

Another family member did suggest I start my own youtube channel a couple... read more

There's an early gameplay video out of it.I will put the link on the other thread I started.

I... read more

XBox1 players on gamefaqs have reported it's available for download now and they've started... read more

Hope I didn't spoil things for you rabid china..
I need to be careful with that. I might be... read more

quote grandael
Saw that they were going to Xbox one and ps4 and PC, if that is true then EA has...
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Gaider is certainly a polarizing figure.
Love him or hate him for a lot of people.
I don't hate him... read more

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