It's not contiguous footage, footage that is linear.It's snippets from different portions of the... read more

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He seems to be allowing Bioware additional time to complete DAI.Time...
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He seems to be allowing Bioware additional time to complete DAI.Time that as we know DA2 and ME3... read more

People were talking about it on other forums 3-4 days ago.
Frank Gibeau EAVP said some years back... read more

Uh no ME3 was not a good game by any means.
Otherwise there wouldn't have been a player revolt... read more

We don't know.
Several months ago on Linkend, the professional network Bioware advertised for a AAA... read more

I think he became overconfident and conceited with ME and let the series slide there at the... read more

I don't believe it's a superhero game.Gamer md83 wants that, said so in one of her videos.I doubt... read more

Casey Hudson is the creative director for both ME4 and this new IP, which may give some people... read more

Yes it does seem horror.
Some kind of nightmare realm.
I'm kind of old school I guess.I started out... read more

If it were like the Cthulhu Mythos I might be interested.
But not this kind of stuff.
I wonder if... read more

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quote Xeros the Slayer
Not that I recall, everything I heard said it was pushed ahead of...
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Think another player beat you with the announcement.
Probably a good thing, but unfortunately... read more

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Well things kinda went berserk there didn't they.I won't add to it.Burned out on the various... read more

DG has agendas, "g" ones and as well as others as well it seems.
We can stop talking about... read more

Said I am not homophobic cool. Believe whatever you like.

I think with Gaider it's some form of... read more

I don't dislike DG. For anyone to say so is ridiculous..
I've worked with "g's " before.I am a... read more