How much space does the game take up on your machine.I was wondering if that could contribute to... read more

well that was interesting.
I don't have an XBox so I wonder if that is an microsoft issue rather... read more

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every choice leads to a consequence.That is for sure.
I would burn most of my past choices.Too many... read more

Well I blame Bioware's misguided political correctness.
Vivienne should have been a straight male romance also.shrugs. read more

Hello Lydia.
How have you been ?
No it isn't possible to romance either Morrigan or Leliana in DAI.... read more

Uh we know the plot.We just don't know who the elder one is.The leader of the bad guys.The ones... read more

Disappointed with the fem Qunari hair options.No long hair for anyone either.So the hair options... read more

It's not contiguous footage, footage that is linear.It's snippets from different portions of the... read more

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He seems to be allowing Bioware additional time to complete DAI.Time...
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He seems to be allowing Bioware additional time to complete DAI.Time that as we know DA2 and ME3... read more

People were talking about it on other forums 3-4 days ago.
Frank Gibeau EAVP said some years back... read more

Uh no ME3 was not a good game by any means.
Otherwise there wouldn't have been a player revolt... read more

We don't know.
Several months ago on Linkend, the professional network Bioware advertised for a AAA... read more

I think he became overconfident and conceited with ME and let the series slide there at the... read more