Reminds me of Earth Abides.
Being lost in the wilderness was probably the safest thing... read more

Well things sometimes come in pretty packages.
It's what's inside that matters.
We've known about... read more

Jessica Merizan the community director is a cosplayer.She was on that cosplay show on the sci-fi... read more

More pressure on Bioware not to blow it with DAI, ME4, and their alleged KOTOR IP.

We shall see if... read more

Might be an error.I saw someone comment in the news section about it.

There really needs to be... read more

Bioware may have started sending out Beta Invitations today:

Fernando Melo ‏@DiscoBabaloo

"We may... read more

Laidlaw has said in the past player decisions can lock you out of certain areas:

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started a discussion titled "new video" in Pillars of Eternity
started a discussion titled "Faces" in Dragon Age III: Inquisition

Was not a fan of this version. Heard it was very buggy. Who has the D&D license these days anyway? read more

Excited by the trailer. Looks to be the best of the 3 games. Wish if had a party though. read more

changed their avatar to avatar