So, 9 days ago, t'was the day I aged. And that was the end of that ^-^ (Apart from the fact that I bought a 3DS XL, but...)

Hi, I really want one of those bow wigs from GracieGrace, but I don't have T.I.Y. yet. I'm willing to pay 250k or low

Ok, so I'm from the UK and I'm trying to get all

Dad's selling the Wii ;~;
Tomorrow's my neo anniversary too :'O
Happy New Year! ^-^ Making a monotype dark team, man this is gonna take ages. ._.
Anybody wanna battle on Pokemon XY? PM me with your FC and I'll give you mine :3
Sinking into AC depression because Rosie's leaving... Happy Thanksgiving, America. :/
Hehe, time travelled on AC;NL to April Fools Day so I could get everyone's picture ;3
If life was MarioKart I'd always be the winner~
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming as Shadic_Hearts won't allow a parody ._.
Why won't anyone respond to me anymore? ;~;
AC;NL players; should I replace all my peach trees with perfect peaches? Just wondering :3
I really want one of those really pretty dream towns you can find, but I'm a terrible town designer. ;~;
La, la, la. First time I've played ACNL in 2 weeks. I was doing Pokestuff, okay?
Anybody want a pokemon from Pokesav? I can do all games for DPP to BW2. PM me for more details ;D - Please help me! ♥

I really need bushes for my town, will pay 200 bells for each. Doesn't matter what type! My friend code is in my signatur

Lolly FTW! ♥


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