Azn_Applecake AKA eagle
Aug 23, 06 3:56pm
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

Vapour Snake AKA eagle
May 11, 06 7:56pm
You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Since you've posted at least once in the new MGS4 forum. You deserve a stamp.
Miss Razz AKA eagle
Feb 15, 06 3:46am

I hope you had a Happy Valentines Day filled with love, flowers and big pink balloons!

And YAY! I got a Valentines Day stamp!


Vapour Snake AKA eagle
Feb 15, 06 3:34am
Happy Valentines Day

Hopefully everything went your way on this day. And maybe you even got lucky today. But that's none of business, any way have a great one.

sic AKA eagle
Nov 18, 04 9:59am
Just called in to sign a fellow Aussie's guestbook. BTW the weather in QLD is just fine
kowbrains AKA eagle
Oct 22, 04 3:37am
hey, an aussie!

Signing u with a stamp.
Sign back if u like.
Nicholas II AKA eagle
May 16, 04 4:59pm
um...I was on my way to the bathroom? oh well....while im here I mightn as well sign this.

thanks for signin mine. lol, I can make ya a banner if want
Duckmaster AKA eagle
Apr 23, 04 10:45am

Wanna sign back?If you feel like talking pm me

rikku07 AKA eagle
Apr 11, 04 9:18am
hey! I saw u posted on a forum I made..and yea..u do seem like a funny guy so I thought I'd be the first to sign your guestbook!! lol! anyways..I'm Rachel..or rach or rae whatever u wanna call me or just rikku07 it really doesnt matter! haha well I better be going! dont forget to check out my profile and sign my guestbook!