Tehuti AJ
Feb 28, 07 9:56pm
When I'm through with you, you'll be found dead in your garage.


The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
kidfun AJ
Sep 1, 06 4:18pm
Hello. Just going around signing guestbooks. Feel free to sign back, but you dont have to.

Hope to see you more around the forums smackdowm 3 rules
Azn_Applecake AJ
Aug 23, 06 7:13am
Just wanted to sign some guestbooks...

Please Sign Back

Dec 19, 05 11:23pm

Stand Free
streetninjamo AJ
Dec 19, 05 5:51pm
cr*p, y do u hav to be from portsmouth,im from southampton,so were born enemies i guess...by the looks of u,ur probaly a ps3 person,well,good for u!(im not being sarcastic!)oh yea, gimme a drop on xbox live,it'll be good if u ave halo 2
BlackThunder68 AJ
Jan 4, 05 8:06am
There are many times when I cast back to the last time I ever saw a cowbell, and I realise how distant that very memory is, but then I come to realise, it is but a memory. And in memory of that memory, I have brought forth a communial guestbook signing to you. So that you and I can both share the magic of, ahhhhh ... Cowbell.

Bring to me more cowbell, and you will have served me well.

Icarus AJ
Dec 25, 04 5:33am
·±‡± Wishing you a Happy Holiday ±‡±.

±‡± SoR ±‡±.
Liam AJ
Dec 22, 04 12:06am
Dec 17, 04 1:06am


WE should have it killed.
DQ Maniac AJ
Dec 16, 04 1:28pm
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Dec 7, 04 4:25am

Chuffin' xmas mate.


Sinner AJ
Nov 3, 04 12:08am

Hey man, congrats on t3h m0d3r4t!0N. Make us proud.
DQ Maniac AJ
Oct 28, 04 5:45am
Fourth Dimension AJ
Oct 27, 04 4:32am

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn FwEnD!!!11 DoNt EaT aLl YoUr TrEaTs At oNcE oR YoUlL bE sIc
Aug 31, 04 2:52am
My friend DJ Hixxy who recomended this site told me about you.you are truly a Neo legend IMHO.I love ur posts and threads.

See you around Neo

Chr15 AJ
Jul 12, 04 8:20am
Haloooo Aleex (Had to be done)
So i see Ooter McSporren signed your guestbook, well that's special. I told you though Alex, drugs are bad and when you realise this you will thank me. no more Marijuana ok Good Alex.
Wow one of the top posters on the forums eh? Does that mean your super-cool and way respected with lots of friends or just a boring geek with nothing to do apart from make useless posts on the Neoseeker forums?
Ahhh well tell me in your own time. My Auntie Knobhead is a right psycho. I will send you a picture of her sometimes, she looks really innocent but she is Irish at heart. Who is that guy in your display picture on here? Is it someone off Futurama? God we spend to much time watching/utilizing television sets? But what i want to know really is whether or not My eyes will really go square? That's worrying if they do :S That could just be my Auntie Knobhead trying to put the fear of God into me Anyway i'm being hypnotized by the near-naked ladies on the right of this text box so i best go.
Goodbye And God Bless :
Kentucky Fried Rat AJ
Jul 8, 04 11:05pm
Kentucky Fried Rat would like to thank you for your sponsorship.

Feel free to help yourself to our fine quality diseased food including our new low carb dog poo milk shake. Garanteed to make you vomit or your money back.
Elite AJ
Jul 7, 04 7:40am
Here is your fancy guestbook signing.. yeh so.. You own3d me on SplinterCell: PT

I will have my revenge... Muwahahaha! Wait.. who are you
Jun 23, 04 8:25pm
Ace, well done on leaving school. Now you can join me in getting up at midday and lazing around all day. We'll have to play on Live more often, especially if we can find that Daviesw guy too, hes rubbish.

Mario Man AJ
Jun 4, 04 1:39am
Hey AJ,

Aye we've talked a few times. I'll start conversations with you more often, hopefully we can actually talk more than we do. Anyway, Haha, I know about the Secretley Crying thing, being a joke. It's all cool. I don't know why Deathman48 thought of that though, I don't think I even said it. By the way, I had a huge guestbook post written out, and all my windows closed. So I'm incredibly pissed off. Honestly, it was about four paragraphs long. One of the longest signings on neoseeker perhaps. Trying to remember what else I said, I hate this.

Thanks for signing my guestbook. I always have the feeling that I'm on outkast, someone know one cares about. Meh. I think I'll leave it there because I'm really annoyed now. Thanks for signing though, I'll try talk to you more often.
Shana AJ
May 31, 04 11:31am
^0^ Hey, sweetie
Just felt like signing and stuff, because it's been forever since I last signed... I think. Woo, I forget. XD So, anyway, it's great to be your friend. You're funny and nice and sweet and just an awesome friend. Thanks for being there for me. ^^

Octarine Skye AJ
Apr 19, 04 5:37pm

There was a man
from Kazakhstan.
He buggered dead sheep
and lived in a can.
Irish Gamer AJ
Apr 13, 04 10:13pm
Pair of emerald green trousers: 40 euro
Traditional Irish cottage, made in Japan: 10 euro
Leprechaun hats: 48 euro

Knowing what it really means to be Irish: Priceless...

There are some things money can't buy, for everything else, there's my guestbook...

Fifth Column AJ
Apr 13, 04 4:44am
Who would sign AJ's guestbook?

Haha, it's been fun talking to you on MSN, even though we've only gotten a few chances too lately. See you around, bud.
Little Miss Magic AJ
Feb 15, 04 4:48am