Well, I'm not about to come out with a load of garbage about being one of the most dedicated neoseekers in eternity. My post count and login stats in that sense, are somewhat misleading...

I joined Neoseeker in October 2001 after looking for reviews of the game 'Smackdown Just Bring It'. Later, I located the accompanying forum and was assisted in signing up and all the general n00b processes that one goes through. Later, with my best mate Simon, known as 'Tehuti', I found Loungin' and at age 13, with nothing better at all to do I promptly began posting and posting.

By mid 2002, I was Neoseeker's first 10ker and later became Loungin' moderator toward the end of August of that same year. Somewhere along the line too, I had a name change from 'Smackdown 3 Rules' (because that name was just too damn cool, even for me), to 'AJ'. These initials are the first of my first and middle names.

However, as time progressed, as I got older, outside pressures meant less time was left for Neoseeking. The community expanded massively in 2003 and I found myself no longer able to keep up. Online communities have a way of changing very rapidly. Neoseeker's success and reduction of database errors brought a large influx of new blood and the older groups became disbanded. In my earlier 'wrestling' years I would hang out with a tight-knit group, namely 'NorthernLiteSuplex', 'Kanedertaker' and 'hHh'. Later, I became friends with those of the football manager forums, mostly through Tehuti. These were the likes of 'Daviesw', 'Jambosfan1987', 'OOTER' and many more besides.

In any case, essentially I began visiting less and less and currently surf around, rather quietly reading people's opinions on certain subjects and butting my head in on anything particularly interesting, usually related to TV shows or Loungin'. Oh, and I once won the Neoseeker Yahoo Pool Tournament too in its second year, behind the member 'Liam', another friend.

But what about me personally you say? This is a biography after all, right? Well, I'm now the guy that always crops up every now and again with a sarcastic comment or silly idea. I'll enjoy seeing friends a lot, but at the same time, not the type of guy that can be arsed to go out every night either. I'm nearly always tired, I ask far too many questions and a tad lazy but post-school, I get on with just about everybody, so that's good enough for me.

The rest of me is outlined in my interests. I'm a University student with a girlfriend that I've happily been together with 2+ years. I watch so much television, its no longer funny. My musical tastes are wide and varied but tend to focus more upon modern indie and rock bands. My console of choice is the Xbox 360 and I love nights out on the town with my friends.

For those who need their stalking fix, here are further links on my websites:

Facebook (Requires Sign-In):


TV.Com Profile:

LastFM Profile:

The last two are somewhat specialised to anybody at all interested in music/TV. Typical student eh?

Laters all.

--- AJ


My girlfriend, my friends, television, music, gaming, bowling, eating, drinking, earning money, jumping from an aeroplane one day... collecting stuff, meeting stars, going to gigs, general internetting, online chats, summer beach BBQ's, nights out on the town etc.

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Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - Stealth Rules Supreme

Apr 11, 2003

This game is by far one of the most addictive I've played in a long time. I haven't been able to set it down since purchase a couple of weeks ago. If you like games full of stealth, action and storylines, then this is the type of game for you....

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