ACLover72 blogged
Jul 30, 14 1:44pm

Well, my new background is in place.
Sort of. I hate when images do that. T_T Do I even need to explain? Just look up ='(
Nonetheless Toon Link, Wind Waker, and Nayru are all awesome beyond words. I own none. :P
ACLover72 blogged
Jul 30, 14 1:37pm

Why. Must. I. Wait. For. Super. Smash. Bros. 4.
Hey, that rhymed! =O
No, seriously, hasn't it taken them long enough? =\ at least for the 3DS release? Wii U I can understand. Gah, I needz SSB4 now >_
Jul 7, 14 8:41pm
Getting Tomodachi Life this week! (^ω^)
Jul 7, 14 8:40pm
Omg Mario Kart 8!!!!!!! And I finally got Pikmin 3! BEST GAME EVERRR!
Apr 13, 12 11:36am
Can't wait for AC 3DS!!!!!!!!
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