The world that I have shown you is the truth. Illusions are what you created.
My planet needs me...
The stage has been set...
Ruination to all. And I do mean it. Humans are miserable creatures.
How very tragic...
I've drawn the line... And now I dare you to cross it! Come and get me, general!!
Now, we are one - and I give the orders...
I will not allow for the possibility of being shut down again.
Oh, you're gonna get it now, kid!
It won't matter what I do. Death cannot stop me.
"Moving in for the kill!"
Breakin' loose!
Nice night for a walk. Take off your clothes. Now.

Time to enter the second blog post about an interesting experience again.

So sunday was the first summer vacation day I didn't have to go anywhere on. It went very well, as now I have a scarred knee I can't do much with. On Sunday me 'n' my cousin were gonna go swimming, and we took bikes to go there. When we were almost there, driving down a sandy road, there was a circular wooden block right on the road, much to my horror. I was in full speed so I couldn't possibly have avoided it, and drove right on it. Needless to say, it slipped right under my tire and I fell on my left side, and since I was in shorts my left leg looks like shit now. The knee is covered with dry blood that hurts like hell when it's even touched gently, thus there's no way of scrathing it off. But I guess it's necessary for the heal. Long story short, I fell on the ground with a bike and now my left leg is half useless from knee to nearly the ass.

Yeah, that's a really good way to start the summer vacation. Hmph.

I'll shoot you until you are dead. And then I'll shoot you some more.
Deadly efficient.
I was damned sick during the whole week. And I still am.
is apparently going crazy.

I'm gonna write about a recent experience here. Why am I doing it? Well, no one's stoppin' me, obviously! :P

So, just last friday, this guy in my school who is a complete dick, he starts calling me names in a friendly manner, and I joined in the play and smacked him some. Weren't even hard knocks, might I add. Now, later that day, I saw him again, and I ran to him, laughing, grabbed him and tried to make him fall on the ground. 'Course, this was still all harmless play, until he suddenly punched my sunglasses off. So I thought that two can play at that game, and I kicked his ass and gave him hell for nearly breaking my not-so-cheap sunglasses. So he got a more black eye than I did. Now, I threw him on the ground and finished the job, and started walking away while putting my sunglasses back. What does he do? Get up and spit at me, and yet he didn't even hit me. He went to hang out with some guys that are in my class, and started boasting to them about how he supposedly beat me in the ground, and he completely failed to notice the many eyewitnesses around, INCLUDING THE GUYS FROM MY CLASS. One hour later, I found out that I was put in detention for next tuesday because this dickhead had told his teacher that I had "literally kicked his ass and thrown him on the wall". Of course he forgot to mention who was the major maker that dragged the harmless play into painful violence.

If this can't be called being a goat dick, then what?

other wimpness is for dickheads

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