42 is the meaning of life,the universe,and everything.
I pretty much play video games all the time but when I am not doing that, I am either doing school work or doing things on the computer or hanging out with my friends.
When is Duke Nukem Forever coming out? I know,When the Care Bears stop caring.
The next thing you know,Jack Thompson will be put in jail for being high on paint remover.
The Wii has selling like hotcakes,on steroids
C is for....CEREAL!!!!!!!!!
When will the Transfusion Project for Blood going to be finished.
Someone please tell me where I can find the Myst Parody Pyst.
KMFDM, better than the best!


Play Video Games,read books and magazines,dance to music,watch T.V.,and study.
Favorite Games of All Time:Doom,Doom 2,Half-Life 2,Halo,Tales of Symphonia,Star Ocean:Second Story,Myst,Resident Evil 2,GTA San Andreas,The Sims,Starcraft,Blood,Duke Nukem 3D,Diablo 2,Second Sight,Deus Ex Invisible War,Ninja Gaiden(X-Box),and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion,Dead Rising,Quake 4,Halo 2,MegaMan X,Onimusha 3,Lemmings,Hitman Blood Money,Flashback,Contra(All except PS1 Entries.)
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