Hi,i'm just on a signing spree and decided to stop by!!!Laters!!
(credit goes to megatron)
hey i made u a special stamp^_^

sign back^_^
Wazzup? Here's one of my stamps! Sorry I don't have a One Piece one though.

guess what? I figured the picture thing out! thanks for tellin' people bout' me, I got someone to stamp me, thanks.
hey wots' up? I finally sighned your stupid book thing. (woo hoo) ps: there wuz a Racoon or somthin' up on your roof last night, the bloody thing kept me up all night, you should do somthing bout' it.see you later.
Wazup 2D... Sorry, I dont have a good stamp but I'll make one... sooner or later...

So see ya around.

-The Prime Hunter (aka the Cheesed Monkey)
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
Hey, I love your banner, Gorillaz is one of my favorite bands. I know you haven't seen me around, I'm kinda going on a signing spree. -_- Stampness!

Sign back if you feel like it.
Hey I have a stamp! So i promised you to give you a stamp so here it is!

See you!
Hey! Just felt like signing your guestbook

See ya later!
yeah! gorillaz rule! I haven't posted there for a while, but that is because I have nothing to say. what can you say about a band that is awesome in every way?

well, here:

what is better than little people bball?

Hey what's up brother!~!!!!!


hey, i like the gorillaz as well^_^. awesome band. want to be neofriends?
well, see you around and sign back^_^.

As promised, I'm signing your guestbook. So here I am. I ain't really good at this signing lark so expect this to be crap. Your into great music anyway Gorillaz rock! Well cya, Moores

P.S Murdoc is well better
Thanks You for sighning mine i'm sighnin yours how about youhelp me get a banner I have no Idea how to get one talk to me at the sonic2b or ss melee section.
Here's the you got stamped thingy...Oh...do you like paper mario?
Hey 2D,I'm a fan of Gorillaz,my favorite songs are Clint Eastwood,Rock the House and Feel Good INC.Wanna be neofriends?I'll sign yours,you sign mine ok?
Signin' my new friend's guestbook. What's up?

Hi, I want be yor friend!: Sorry, but i'm on vacation and i don't have much time for a stamp i will do that if iám back ok?

See you then !
Gorrilaz pwns...
Resist your n00b and join me while i teachs you...

thaks for signing my guest book i see now that you can make good friends

ps: if your able to can you drop by sonic bloopers v4 thanks again
Hey I saw you on SSBM so I have come to stamp and.. what the heck here's your stamp!!

I am the first to sign your GB! w00t! =D