I came to neoseeker looking for ACWW stuff. Apparently I forgot about this site for 2 years! O_O Now I'm back and bookmarked so it won't happen again! Add me if you'd like!


I love anime and cars!

--My favorite animes!--

1. Speed Grapher
2. Gungrave
3. Scryed
4. Ah! My Goddess
5. Initial D: Fourth Stage
6. Eureka 7
7. Death Note
8. Baki the Grappler I and II
9. Hellsing
10. Xam'd Lost Memories
11. Full Metal Alchemist
12. Please Twins!
13. Code Geass
14. Blue Gender
15. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

--Animes I'm currently watching!--

Ghost in the shell: SAC
Code Geass: R2
Xamd Lost Memories
Cowboy Bebop
Hellsing OVA's


Cars I like generally range from the Mopar section to imports such as the RX7.


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