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Dec 29, 08 6:26pm

Dear blog, synergy and I have settled in Mexico. I've already found a job supervising a shoe-making factory, from which I am now typing this. Synergy is quickly settling into the role of a housewife. We've got most of the basic essentials set up- Toaster, Fridge, Xbox 360, bookshelf and so on, and every night, before we cry ourselves to sleep from the fear of ecto5 destroying our happiness, we stay up late and do all the things a couple should do. Like play Portal. We have agreed that it is the best game of 2007. We dream of the day we can return to our former lives untroubled by any jealous ex-boyfriends of Synergy's.

If ever any readers see ecto5, please ask him NOT to pursue us. Synergy isn't his anymore!!!

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Dec 22, 08 4:30pm

Oh *bleep* oh *bleep* he's onto us! Synergy told me that he'd be no problem, but oh *bleep* oh *bleep* oh *bleep* oh *bleep* oh *bleep*. He's been following her to my place- I see him in the bushes, playing with a knife. I've got to go now- i'm taking synergy and moving to Mexico- He won't be able to get us there. And if he does.... i'll shoot him. I'll shoot him in his goddamn heart.
Why can't he just let us be??? Jesus christ, Synergy told me that she told him it was over long before we started going out!!! Anyway, we'll be without internet for a while, so I guess this is goodbye, neo, until Ecto is out of the picture.... and Synergy and I can live in peace. I'll miss you guys- Wish me luck.


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Dec 22, 08 2:55am

Dear blog, it's been a while since my last entry. Synergy and I are still going strong, and I also have my school certificate!!! Because we were busy with other things, Synergy and I went a couple of weeks without spending time together- it was tough but I managed it. We finally went on a date this weekend and we had a lovely time gfx battling each other- she's still waiting for me to submit an entry, lol!!!

Afterwards, I went home and played Gears of War 2. While the story and particularly the writing for the emotional scenes was weak, I did enjoy the 'I heard there's a shitload of grubs over there!' 'More like 10 shitloads' exchange and was thrilled by the gameplay. I think that while I enjoy the tightened mechanics, the first Gears had a better campaign. But that's okay, because Horde is very good fun. I haven't played online yet, because i'm too lazy to get live, but that's okay too because i've heard bad things about the online. I have concluded that despite its faults, I prefer it to Fallout 3, which I am having a lot of trouble getting back into, and Mirror's Edge. Of all the games I have spent a significant amount of time this year with, it is my favourite, excluding Fallout 2 and Pokemon Blue. I think I might buy Gears 2 for Synergy for christmas, which coincidentally marks our 26th day as a couple, so then we can bring in the new year mercilessly slaughtering locust!!!

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Dec 1, 08 1:02am

Dear blog, xsynergyx said yes!!!! We are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. :):):) Today I decided to surprise her and we stayed at home playing Mirror's Edge. After much debating and almostthrowingthecontrolleratthewall we have come to the conclusion that while the base mechanics are very very good, it tries too hard to be an action game and the result is a brilliant prologue+ first three chapters, but then it sinks into an infuriating mess that both ignores what made the early game so great, and has a horrible story!

PS, Ecto5 and I had a lovel picnic the other day. We really must do it again sometime.

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Nov 29, 08 2:11am

Dear blog, my name is 1831 (with a 1, not a one) and I am 15 years old. Today Synergy said she loves me, and even called me babe! I'm so excited. Tomorrow i'm going to ask her out. Synergy is a really cool chick, and I hope that one day we will spend our days informing people on how Fallout 2 is so much funnier than Fallout 3, which sits in a comfortable position above the Elder Scrolls games but below the first two Fallouts. I would say'Bethesda has done an admirable job, but there are a number of key flaws, such as crappy perks and your SPECIAL stats really not affecting much, as opposed to Fallout 2 where they could really *bleep* you up!' and then Synbunny would say 'I agree with this. Also, I am a total whore', and I would say 'but I love you anyway, darling xoxo'. Wish me luck! :):)


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