So where to start. I covered a lot of the normal stuff in my interests, but i'll think of something to put in here. Hmm...religious beliefs; I have none. I'm a proud athiest. I really can't stand any religion, so bible-thumpers and other religious zelots can go preach to someone that'll believe their fairy tails. That being said, I'm tollerant of other peoples beliefs as long as they don't force them upon others. I love comedy, especially stand-up. Ron "Tater Salad" White and The Amazing Johnathan have got to be my favorite comedians. Can't forget Ben Stiller, but he's not so much of a stand-up guy as a comedy actor. I'm tired of typing in this tiny box and I'm sure your tired of reading it, so if you want to know any more just shoot me a PM. Cheers


I'd say I'm a huge firearms enthusiast, but I can't really picture myself saying that so I'll call myself a gun-nut. I love heavy metal and rock of almost all kinds. Love Ted Nugent and Metallica, definatly my favorite bands. Cars and motorcycles are pretty big for me too, along with MMA. Oh and I can't forget video games! I'm pretty big on action, shooting and racing games, but I've got a soft spot for MMO's.

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