DQ Maniac 1111
Dec 16, 05 3:55am
Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!
SomethingWacky 1111
Dec 2, 05 1:08am


*wastes space*

*wastes more and more space*
Ikary 1111
Oct 30, 05 7:53pm
This is the useless prize I told you about when you said where Uruguay is. Sorry, but I've already given my 10-2 million dollars prize, for answering that question. All the persons who won that prize were Uruguayan........
Anyway, happy halloween.
Tommo 1111
Oct 9, 05 11:48pm
Hey there 1111, just noticed i hadn't signed your guestbook but here i am. I've seen you around the football and Battlefield: MC forums and you seem cool so here i am. See you around mate

Please sign back!

Guerra07 1111
Oct 5, 05 4:17am
hey, thought i would sign your GBook becasue i have seen you around alot and you seem pretty cool. hope you sign back and i'll see you around
T0a5t3r 1111
Oct 3, 05 11:02pm
I never see you online in Live, dammit.

Get online so you can kick my ass!

Pope Seeketh I 1111
Sep 6, 05 4:03am
My Fellow Neoseekerian, the Holy Spirit is now within you. By the God given powers bestowed upon me, Pope Seeketh I, you are now officially Blessed and are no longer eligible to end up on my "Going to Hell" list. May you continue to post kind, and thoughtful messages towards your fellow board members. Remember, if you are ever in need of some spiritual advice, or are having a problem with another member, I am always here to help you out. Oh, and one more thing, please visit my Profile! There you can find the Official Neoseeker Ten Commandments, as well as a list of former Neoseeker Popes!

God Bless You
Pope Seeketh I
(The Official Neoseeker Pope)
Tsuchinoko 1111
Aug 18, 05 1:37am
you have been randomly stamped by me in my random guestbook sighing spree!!!!!
einlovah 1111
Jun 20, 05 3:08am

Be A Happy Person

The GGs 1111
May 28, 05 4:46pm
I've seen you around the Chaos Theory Forum a lot so I'm signing your guestbook with my new Splinter Cell stamp! I hope you like it and please sign back!

DQ Maniac 1111
Feb 11, 05 12:59am
Here ya go, have a stamp, a beautiful stamp!

Da Wise Man 1111
Oct 2, 04 7:43pm
I'd thought since you are a good friend I would stop by and sign your guestbook, again! Well anyway enjoy the stamp:

DQ Maniac 1111
Sep 29, 04 11:28pm
The GGs 1111
Jul 4, 04 2:31am
I'm signing this guestbook because I felt like it; guess what, your username is 1111 and I just posted my 1111th message, what a coincidence, see you around the forums (especially the Splinter Cell ones) and please sign me back,

The GGs
WWE_Evolution 1111
Jun 16, 04 3:54am
Just thought i would sign ya g.book from one SplinterCell fanatic to another, glad to see someone else that appreciates the games and series as much as i do. See you around in the shadows of the SC forums lol.
Nicholas II 1111
May 30, 04 2:10am
thanks for your help... that lvl was pissin me off! if ya want to talk anytime you can PM me! im always bored^_^

ill put a stamp in here later^_^
Da Wise Man 1111
Mar 10, 04 4:58am
Hi 1111 its me PaperMan I had to login as Da Wise Man cause someone already took PaperMan but hey thanks for replying to all my threads in the Conflict: Desert Storm 2 forum.

Sign my guestbook if you've got the time!

Da Wise Man:cool:

sten mk II 1111
Mar 10, 04 4:41am
thanks for telling me about spaming and MOHRS. how is it to live in the uk. talk to ya later ok.

sign my guest book too
The White Rider 1111
Feb 3, 04 8:40am
I've seen you a lot around the Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow forum and I decided to sign your guestbook.

Sign mine if ya got the time.