You see, the monkeys feel alone.
    All six billion of them.
    Some of the monkeys pay another monkey
    to listen to their problems.
    Because the monkeys want answers
    and the monkeys don't want to die.
    So the monkeys make up gods
    and then they worship them.
    Then the monkeys argue
    over whose made-up god is better.
    Then the monkeys get really pissed off
    and this is usually when the monkeys decide
    that it's a good time to start killing each other.
    So the monkeys wage war.
    The monkeys make hydrogen bombs.
    The monkeys have got their whole planet
    wired up to explode.
    The monkeys just can't help it.
    Some of the monkeys play to a sold out crowd...
    of other monkeys.
    The monkeys make trophies
    and then they give them to each other.
    Like it means something.
    Some of the monkeys think
    that they have it all worked out.
    Some of the monkeys read Nietzsche
    The monkeys argue about Nietzsche
    without giving any consideration to the fact
    that Nietzsche was just another fucking monkey.