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Alright! Summer is here at last! I hope you great one. See ya later!

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Hey audy!

I wanna let you know that my master is the sexy beast in the entire universe!

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He's such as cutie!

By the way, he's better and sexier than you, you little piece of sh-t!
How could anyone like Naruto?? I mean It's just like Dragonball Z with more boring people and a stupider plot! You should try animes like Chobits or Bleach! I mean, pink hair! What a freak! Haruno Sakura must be the worst person from Naruto ever! She's so whiny and boring! The should cut her off, and work more the animation! The animation of Naruto sucks almost as much as the plotline! The boring people there make Napolean Dynamite look good! You should definately get a better taste in animes.
Everyone knows Jesus
The man who healed the lame.
But I am Jesus' brother
K is my name.
Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
Jesus is the Lamb.
Jesus is the Son of God
But K don't give a damn.

Cuz when I'm in sight
We'll party all damn night.
I don't turn water into wine
But into cold Coors Light.
I'm not my brother, I know,
Don't walk on H2O
But I got hydroponic shit that me and Judas grow.

I'm *bleep*in K
I'm *bleep*in K
I'm *bleep*in K
K Christ

I hang out with Lepers,
Barabas and Salome.
Jesus' friends are called Apostles.
Those dudes are totally gay.
Jesus performs miracles
From Galilee to Rome.
But it would be a miracle
If he brought a *bleep*in lady home.

Because when Jesus is prayin
*bleep*in K is layin
Every lady in the Testament
You know what im sayin?
I won't die for your sins
Like my famous kin.
But if you have a little sister
Then theres room at this inn.

I'm *bleep*in K
I'm *bleep*in K
I'm *bleep*in K
K Christ

Jesus was our mothers fave
All her love to him she gave.
But there's no sibling rivalry
When he's nailed to that tree.

And now the question for you
Is not "What Would Jesus Do?"
But where will you be
When the K Machine comes partyin through?
And if the Lord will allow
You've got to ask yourself how,
and who and why and when and where is your messiah now?

It's *bleep*in K
*bleep*in K
*bleep*in K
I'm *bleep*in K
K Christ.
K Christ.
K Christ.
I'm *bleep*in K

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks for all of the help from before. It's nice to see some people on this site are smart; it's hard enough to find someone with common sense. >_>

Anyway, here's the entry I promised you. I know it's not much, but It's all I can really do to thank you. =/

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Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
so yeah, i'll be on neo again, and we need to play halo 2 sometime, so i can pownzorz with my diabetes
...your my favorite moderator

I'm doing random signings so ppl will sign back, my guestbook is empty...

Oh key of clow,
Power of magic,
Power of light,
Surrender the wand,
The force ignite.

When the comics are done Dr. Wily is SO fired....
Happy Birthday Zac!

Hope you don't mind that your cake is pink! ^^

Yo tengo tu madre en mis pantalones. Ella es MUY atrativo, pero tu atractivo tambien.

0Zero0 is teh sexiest guy on Neo.

Hai Zac Bro. I felt like signing yer guestbook cause I'm bored. >.>

Say hi to Mom for me.

Condie Broz for realz!
Hey 0Zero0.

Thought I'd swing by and just tell you that you're a cool member and evertime you post, it usualyl includes a humorous quip that make me chuckle. You've also mastered the right time to use the emoticon. Good stuff.

All the best,
I am here to tell you about my great master shadow993. He is a wonderful master and I live to please him. My master pwns m3 f0r3v3r! I have done this so he may reward me with a whipping later!

Long live my master shadow993! <3

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.

I <3 My Master Emily!
Just thought i'd wish you a Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah
Merry Christmas~! ^o^

Make sure you don't let the elderly decorate your Christmas tree this year.

Enjoy the holidays!