How you been bro? Have you been playing CoD WaW lately? Next time you're on here, go into WiFi for CoD WaW, see if you can find me. Well, peace bro. I'm not sure if this will work, but here:

ha cool im in your "recognized" neofriends list. thanks lol, i feel so special XD. oh and i guess i have to type 125 characters, so here you go.
You know I am leaving Neo. Please tell the others in RaW for me. If you don't, I will hunt you down. LOL

See you around, brothair.

thanx for the mkds races! you're pretty good! but if you ever get a wii get this game!!!

I must be cool. Here's a cool video game screenshot...

Sign back...
Might as well do this now, since I have this:

Just felt like signin. Haven't seen you in a while
Hey thanks for helping me get up my first few posts! You are a great person! If i need help with any games i will not hesitate to ask you mate... Cya

I decided to just show you the new stamp anyway. LOVE IT! Watch out for those glitches in BiA:DS.
I have stamped you. Good luck on BiA:DS. Watch out, those krauts will shoot ya! Ever need any help, PM me! Join the unknown clan BTW. See ya!
hows life doing anything intesting latly got any new pokemon games or any new games as well what does hs student mean is that a school in washington.