Just encountered and successfully captured a shiny Basculin. That is only the second time I've run into a shiny in the wild.
My latest blog post explores my reinvigorated interest in competitive battling with black Version: http://bit.ly/kHF12x
The construction of my competitive team is coming along quite well. Next up: Serperior and Starmie.
Stuck on what set-up to use on Almomola. So many options and I like them all.
Just finished up my competitive Scizor. Next up: Ferrothorn.
Just had an awesome online session, I finally unlocked the AA-12. Next in my sights: the P90. :-D CallOfDutyModernWarfareMobilized DS

Swine flu just canceled school today. Regularly I'd be completely cool with that, but in light of the AP tests over the next two weeks, I'm not. I seriously think this thing is getting blown way out of proportion. Really, what makes it so terrible? As far as I'm concerned, as long as you're not very young or old and are perfectly healthy, you have nothing to be concerned about. Until I get a definitive answer, my opinion will stay that way. :-P


Yesterday, I ran in my second ever track meet. Running the 800, I managed a 3:10, ten seconds better than my initial time. I feel that I could have done better, though. I was totally unprepared. By the time I got onto the track, it was already on the second call (Which was awfully friggin' fast), so I had no time to warm-up and then confusion ensued...it was just a mess. I hope I can drop at least twenty the next time I race. Here's to hoping.

Great improvements over Diamond and Pearl PokemonPlatinumVersion DS

Well, spring break has officially been initiated, and what an excellent way to start it off by hanging with a bunch of friends while enjoying eight straight hours of gaming? :-D

It'll be interesting to see how the week goes, due to my dads obsession with my grades I haven't really been able to play my DS or listen to my iPod lately (Damn AP Physics >_<)...its called spring "break" anyway, as in a break from school and I am going to treat as such, doubtless of what my dad thinks. :-P


Just got my semester grades. I got 5 A's and B's in AP Physics and AP Calculus. I was surprised by the B in Physics, I'm not exactly sure what brought it up from that ugly C...I'm certainly not complaining, though. :-D

A fairly entertaining game. MarioVsDonkeyKong GBA
My first ever video game. PokemonRed GBC
An excellent continuation of the series. GTAdvance3ProConceptRacing GBA

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