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Just changed my username... I like it better than the old one :D

I don't have many good things to offer for it, but if you look in my shop you might find something you'd like :) I al

I can offer anything in my shop for it :) Trade will be by file. Thanks~

Looking for them to build up the DW section of my store~ I can offer anything from my shop (probably more than one per). Than

I'm looking for any Dream World starters. I have lots of shinies and other events to offer. I would like them to be flawl

I need a flawless ditto for breeding purposes. I can offer anything from my shop for it. Thanks in advance~

I need a flawless ditto and reunicles, solosis, or duosion with 0 IVs in speed. I can offer anything (excluding events) from

Hello~ I'm doing another raffle, it seems! This time, it's a bit different: First Place picks three shinies from m

Hello~ I'm looking for a flawless ditto and a flawless chansey or blissey. The ditto I need to be flawless, but the chans

Does anyone want me to EV train their pokemon?

I'm looking for these pokemon or any evolutionary forms of them: Caterpie h

I hacked a team for me to use throughout White version, and I don't like having hacks on my game for any reason other tha

I'm looking for some DW starters :) I can offer two shiny flawless from my shop for them or one s/f legendary. Let me kno

Hello~ Looking for a s/f virizion. Can offer anything from

Chapter 1: A/N: Okay, so this is my first story EVER, and also my first creepypasta-ish story, so, please, no flames. Cons

Any will do. Just really want one. :O Can trade anything from my shop (link in my signature).

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